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  • HelikerX 4 years ago

    I think Li can take Serena out if she can take the risks and go for her
    shots just like she did in the Australian Open semi final. 

  • NamelessPoster 4 years ago

    Li basically choked again;
    when you are up against Serena, it is a perfect time to STEP IT UP and take
    extra risks, finishing points asap and taking her by surprise.
    As usual, Li did just the opposite, starting to play more carefully…

  • Pitima Boonsrirote 4 years ago

    U r best of the best. Serena Williams. I love u

  • hawaiiantennisvidz 4 years ago

    Add a message to your video

  • Sarah Godwin 4 years ago


  • Sarah Godwin 4 years ago

    Seven-time Champ! Yaaayyyy, Serena!

  • Sarah Godwin 4 years ago

    Serena Williams is magnificentlt highly-skilled! And Serena Williams has
    the Most Womanly figure on the women’s tour. Good to see a REAL woman who
    is such an amazingly great athlete. Our artists make manifest what we human
    beings intuit at the cellular level: The Strongest Woman Is The Most
    WOMANLY Woman. Artists always depicr,t Female Superheroes with CURVES!
    Goooo, Serena, Gooooo!

  • Sarah Godwin 4 years ago

    Heartiest Congrats, Serena! You’ve now won more prestigious Sony Open
    titles than anyone else in History! “Seven-time Sony Open Champion,”even
    Sounds good.- rolling trippingly off the tongue! lol and applauding.