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  • Juan 'Roids Marquez 4 years ago

    +*spurstx23* = yo amigo de pendejo. Spursniks got crushed, squashed, &
    cremated again. However this time around, I did not see Coach Pop
    tongue-kissing Diva Wade, Paternity Bosh, & LeBalding Flopper after the
    game. I guess the NAACP & ASPCA banned him from doing that – BWA

  • James Eslick 11:11 4 years ago

    R.I.P. Spurs again! Heat nation.

  • jdavila119 4 years ago

    I see overconfidence in the comments.

    Besides, you played bench. Wait till u see a full spurs roster. 

  • Anthony Thornton 4 years ago


  • Yannick Chard 4 years ago


  • Fart Chimney 4 years ago

    one of the biggest floppers of all time…Manu’ no nuts Ginobli…sad too
    cuz he is such a legit good player. Just a bitch tho.

  • lheo sibhal 4 years ago

    Go heat

  • kLein Jamero 4 years ago

    Greg Oden.. just warming up, with a quick dunk over 21! keep it up G’O..

  • Jetz Turbiine 4 years ago

    lolspurs suck

  • H3LL01342 4 years ago

    This heat jersey looks like the bulls away black jersey (btw im a Bulls
    fan) and i think the heats jersey looks awesome

  • Kevin Vuong 4 years ago

    men, I like this channel than NBA.com … no ad !

  • @aljunsordilla 4 years ago

    highlights for the game

  • JAragon210 4 years ago

    The Heat are overrated. They should have lost last year in game six. And
    RAY ALLEN you suck too. your old ass needs to retire. danny green beat your
    record and hes still considered a rookie. Even if they dont take it this
    year theyre only getting better. And Lebron is only gonna get worse, Heat
    cant win without Wade Bosh Lebron and they wont last long. SPURSNATION

  • Shotclock Cheesin 4 years ago

    Oh and the Spurs with the noob move not foulin LeBron hard enough on the
    fast break. No thats not gonna get it done, you gotta play him like the bad
    boy pistons vs Jordan. Except LeBron is a lot stronger than Michael, so ur
    gonna have to bring a second guy and do a double wrap if ur gonna foul him
    that softly… C’mon, cuh.

  • rubthemtogether 4 years ago

    Nice highlights, thanks

  • Set Sing 4 years ago

    I do believe that wade needs a little bit of rest until he will fully
    recovered from his knee soreness sothat he can play better during the
    playoff time. As a solid fan of the miami heat i will continue praying for
    d wade fast recovery… chill it’s only january…. ^_^

  • Shotclock Cheesin 4 years ago

    And what is it, opposite month for the Heat for January?? During their long
    road game stretch that just recently ended, they were wearin their home
    jerseys, now they got their away jerseys…

  • Set Sing 4 years ago

    Miami heat forever:-) i’m still praying for d wade fast revovery….
    Goodluck on your next game miami heat:-)

  • Shotclock Cheesin 4 years ago

    LBJ with the shot clock cheese from behind the backboard makin it splash!
    What a smoove move by the King ;)

  • Mario Hanes Will 4 years ago

    As always, heat is the best.

  • Ray Allen 4 years ago

    Would like to thank our fans for all their support !

  • naief arah 4 years ago

    spurs can’t beat miami with or without leonard

  • Banks j 4 years ago

    Man Miami has too many weapons. I can’t wait to see what this team looks
    like come playoff time.

  • Set Sing 4 years ago

    Miami heat forever:-) i’m still praying for d wade fast revovery….
    Goodluck on your next game miami heat:-)

  • TOP sport lažybos 4 years ago

    NBA | Miami “Heat“ namuose 113:101 (34:28, 24:22, 33:21, 22:30) lengvai
    įveikė San Antonio “Spurs“.