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  • Direct Golf UK LTD 4 years ago

    Got a spare 15 minutes? Watch the ‘Miracle at Medinah’ Sunday highlights –
    still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!!

    Ryder Cup 2012 Final Day Highlights at Medinah Country Club USA YouTube

  • MrAJR76 4 years ago

    It’s not, I can promise you. European fans are loud but good-humoured.
    American fans just taunt players & scream abuse.

  • Matt Moy 4 years ago

    Usa usa usa, sounds like the Simpsons! Americans absolutely no class.

  • Matt Moy 4 years ago

    Americans are dumb

  • RK831 4 years ago

    The media calls this event “The Miracle at Medinah,” but it should be
    called The Meltdown at Medinah. Seve was alive that day.

  • Brad Loeffler 4 years ago

    whoevers narrating this video is a complete boner

  • owainpowell1934 4 years ago

    USA USA USA lose umad

  • MyMoney12341 4 years ago

    If you read what you have written, you will realize that by writing such a
    comment, you have become the exact person you are accusing. “Americans are
    incredibly ignorant towards Europeans and probably couldn’t locate the
    continent of Europe on a map they’re that stupid.” So you have accused all
    Americans of being stupid? Believe me, Just as in ANY country, there are
    “stupid” people. I ask that you be more considerate next time, as it is
    this thinking that sets a poor examples for any country.

  • planb1532190 4 years ago

    fuck you posh fags USA USA USA

  • UnitedFootball123 4 years ago

    I said the ones that are ignorant are the ones who are stupid.

  • MrEvilPancakes 4 years ago

    You see, people like you, think you’re a God on YouTube and ALWAYS piss
    people off. Fuck off and go watch another video scumbag! Oh, and FUCK

  • luke mailey 4 years ago


  • MrEvilPancakes 4 years ago

    Nearly 10,000 views! Come on guys!!!

  • sgddfgfghfgh 4 years ago

    russia saved ww2, usa didnt even want a part until they got attacked

  • Stephen Reeds 4 years ago

    tbeas88. What a disgusting thing to say! The Allies won both wars. The
    British people as well as soldiers suffered immensely during 1939-1945. How
    dare you be competitive about a conflict that cost millions of lives. I had
    an idea that Americans were less than informed about history but this
    beggars belief! You poor, ignorant, bigoted person.

  • Ryder Guion 4 years ago

    holy fuck a cup named after me?

  • Andy Buckley-Taylor 4 years ago

    There has been some brilliant matches over the years and remember it takes
    both sides to make it brilliant! I’m European but have American relations,
    just love the Ryder Cup as a contest and always enjoy it, win, lose or tie.

  • IMrNuminous 4 years ago

    Shame the American fans didn’t have the same respect as their players, its
    was like listening to a crowd of Apes

  • numnutz78 4 years ago

    i dont thnk they were very gracious when the european team wanted to come
    to the dressing room (a tradition is for winners to visit the losers
    dressing room and commiserate and congratulate the team on a great
    tournament). for the first time in many years the winners were ACTIVELY
    told NOT to visit the losers dressing room, not very gracious. i also
    remember the faces of the USA team at the closng ceremony, not very
    gracious, they just wanted to get the hell out of there with their sulky

  • VaughanGolf 4 years ago

    Your moronic fuck. my teeth are perfect. that 8% thing is a true stat m8.
    USA has the highest average of overweight people in any country in the
    world. What kind of society sells automatic weapons to drunks and gangs.
    Maybe that is why a civilian is shot every 8 seconds in the USA. Sure you
    use them for hunting. but somehow in the UK we go hunting without shoot
    each other. TBH most Americans are fucktards BTW iq un uk is on average 13
    points higher in the UK. cheers, Nic ;)

  • AoxomoxoA 4 years ago

    Good Day surferaw949,……?! …ooh you’re american! let’s start again.
    fuck you dumb ass ignorant motherfucker arrogant uneducated jealous stupid
    fat lazy slob ass yankee cocksucking guinea pig motherfucker! Have a nice
    day, asshole!

  • ajegray1 4 years ago

    why would a google owned company give away a competitor’s product? get a

  • Payne OHD 4 years ago

    I have no problem with the player’s, But them fucking fans big mouth
    bastards. It won’t be worse in Europe, never is , go back in your box

  • MrEvilPancakes 4 years ago

    Thanks, great support from you!!! Nearly 2,000 views!!! Oh , and please
    subscribe for move vids!!! ;-)

  • Payne OHD 4 years ago

    Bitter fucking sweet, especially for Seve