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  • Steve haoky 3 years ago

    Well….after i watched this movie i was impressed positive…i like
    it..love it and watch it 3 times again…
    This movie inspires me!Great Job!
    You’re the Champion Niki…Don’t forget you are LAUDA

  • peter kaiser 3 years ago

    go Niki , I wars 8 years old and my memory comes back

  • smaniz 3 years ago

    Great story makes a great movie. Rush was superb.

  • pin55head 3 years ago

    i applauded

  • Jennifer Oliveira 3 years ago

    excuse me, but niki lauda had more of a hard time than james did, at least
    that’s what I got from the movie (an excellent movie I may add).

  • LukeGeoDude 3 years ago

    He sounds like a very nice and intelligent man.

  • roywhiteo5 3 years ago

    fantastic movie

  • VxO4fame 3 years ago

    then how would you describe the balls of james hunt during that time? :D

  • johnnyxp64 3 years ago

    he is

  • kirara21 3 years ago

    It is so unbelievable what Daniel Brühl achieved here. I am German, it is
    hardly possible for a German person to speak Austrian credibly, Daniel had
    to learn to speak German (for the synchronization) AND English with an
    Austrian dialect, not to mention that he seems to be Lauda’s twin when it
    comes to facial expression, gestures, charisma … that’s more than acting,
    this is art. Also great respect to Chris Hemsworth who is also impressive
    next to a brilliant Brühl. I am not a formula 1 fan btw.

  • Chris Dallas 3 years ago

    his austrian dialect is indeed remarkable! Very well done!

  • metacosmos 3 years ago

    His voice is much mellow now than in the 70′s.

  • turbo banditen 3 years ago

    without you, we wouldn’t have this history and we couldn’t see this movie.
    thank you Man!

  • lmaoyourekiddingme 3 years ago

    Good man, balls the size of church bells.

  • metacosmos 3 years ago

    Daniel father is german, his mother is spaniard.

  • Anna160593 3 years ago

    I admit I read a summary of the season I stole from my fathers bookcase
    before I saw the film. Made the film even more impressive because I knew
    what actually happened.