Check out some highlights from Rajon Rondo’s huge triple double as he leads Boston to the overtime win over the Hawks with 10 points, 10 rebounds and 20 assi…
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  • mikepitgate7 3 years ago

    DON’T MEAN SH.T! are dumber than a fcking peach aren’t you?

  • deadbitz 3 years ago

    he better than DRose and I’m a Lakers fan!

  • Johnson Jin 3 years ago

    you forgot steve nash

  • galleto 3 years ago

    so fucking true!

  • Wovert 3 years ago

    Rondo + Heat = Championship

  • AJVersatility19 3 years ago

    Nash can score just as good and is a better passer than all of the above.

  • mikepitgate7 3 years ago

    advice: stop swearing doesn’t make you look cooler..more like younger plus
    i haven’t seen one good argument all this i dont see where the
    ‘debate’ is..especially since i beleive u propably in basketball

  • BallingIs MyHobby 3 years ago

    Well you obviously don’t have very good insight lol.

  • SteveDaBlasian 3 years ago

    Haha yea i guess.

  • AJVersatility19 3 years ago

    Rose is better all around. So is Russel Westbrook. But who’s a better PG?
    Rondo. And it’s not even close.

  • Xxerict808xX 3 years ago

    im talking about nash shooting mid range and three pointers. I know for a
    fact that rondo can’t shoot mid range and three pointers consistently, but
    he doesn’t need to when he has THREE, not one, but THREE great veterans
    with him that compliments his game. Rondo can use his quickness to get into
    the paint and collapse the defense and give it back out to one of the three
    for an easier shot. I’m not taking anything away from rondo. So get that
    Nash fanboy shit out of the way cause you look stupid

  • EndzoneDelhi 3 years ago

    There ain’t a more ‘pure PG’ than Steve Nash!

  • mikepitgate7 3 years ago

    ok dude you are retarded..i just said that rings dont mean shit cause u
    said rondo has more than nash and i replied that so does scalabrine..keep
    imagining gay porn,seems you have a creative fantasy..

  • gerizzyYMcrew 3 years ago

    Nash doesn’t even needs to be mentioned. He’s the definition of a

  • TheHeadhunterProject 3 years ago

    Ever heard of a point-forward? If no, thats what rose and westbrook are.

  • Vince Toro Rodriguez 3 years ago

    Boston Celtics NBA Champions!

  • Talha K 3 years ago

    nash has won 2 MVPs in the past decade so hes definitely gotten
    recognition. stop acting like he is underrated. he is far from it

  • AJVersatility19 3 years ago

    Nash better shooter in every category. CAN score. Better passing ability.
    Did not play with 3 hall of famers, instead made 2 players LOOK like HOF.
    Shawn Marion, Stoudemire. I can’t believe I have to explain why Nash is
    better than Rondo. Rondo doesn’t suck, and he’s right up there with the
    best PGs in the league. But Nash and CP3 are the 2 better PGs.

  • xkent7x 3 years ago


  • 13atp13 3 years ago

    wont happen

  • darkkthief 3 years ago

    but the title

  • Lefthook00 3 years ago

    Will you people shut the hell up?

  • NutzInUrMouf 3 years ago

    Atleast 15 of these were just teammates being able to hit a shot. lol

  • mikepitgate7 3 years ago

    you dude have no idea what you are talking about..honestly go check some
    videos from suns’ playoff games in 2005-2010..check nash’s performances in
    teams with mediocre players (best suns players that ever played with nash
    in those years was marion,stoudemire and hill) can you compare those to the
    big-3?please go educate yourself..u are either new in watching NBA or a
    celtic’s fan..

  • Jeremy Cellini 3 years ago

    Was waiting for him to pick up the $2.00 in change he dropped…I was
    sorely mistaken