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  • Hugh Hefner 4 years ago

    dude couldnt do any of this to mayweather lmaooo

  • Crank Sinatra 4 years ago

    That’s cool and all but why is he called “The Ghost”? lol 

  • jay ali 4 years ago

    This will be a fight people will be talking about for a long time the sport
    of boxing has never been better in my life time in the words of Michael
    Buffer lllllllllleeeeeeeetttttttttssssssss ggggggeeeeeet
    rrrrrrrrreeeeeaaaadddddyyy to rumbleeeeeeeeee

  • liljuve13 4 years ago

    LOL what a BUM..

  • sn3akysnake 4 years ago

    You will find the views will increase now as people want to no who this
    gurrero is whos fighting Mayweather. Peace TmT

  • lionel123ification 4 years ago

    to be fair he should do too!! Flloyd getting quite old now to be at the top
    of the game, yet he still gives outstanding performances everytime

  • johnnyboy198946 4 years ago

    He’s going to fight Floyd with those flimsy ass punches, this could be
    Floyd’s easiest fight ever

  • TrollMaster300 4 years ago

    This guy is in it for the money he knows in his heart he can’t beat Floyd.
    but he’s Mexican. and most Mexicans have heart so . but hey just another
    win under Floyds belt… but i wonder what the excuse for Floyd winning
    will be this time. you know they always try and find some excuse as to why
    Floyd is winning lol at the Haters

  • TheGraceOfBoxing 4 years ago

    Thanks bro, I don’t like being big headed not my style lol Mayweather put
    on a masterclass. Robert is good, only a few boxers who can trouble.
    Alvarez in September should be the next fight!

  • mickey roach 4 years ago

    mayweather never won a fight …he CHEATED in all of them ..thats not

  • Steven Urrea 4 years ago

    bad music

  • Aaron Goldsmith 4 years ago

    sloppy fighter

  • Lorenzo Zuniga 4 years ago

    Dont underestimate guerrero, he might not win but hes gonna suprise all you
    moda fuckers who doubt him

  • joseluiz avalos 4 years ago

    Canelo gunna fuck up floyd ill bet 5k but Guerrero aint

  • el golem 4 years ago

    esa vs el siri no debieron ponerla jajaja se ve que pierde.

  • Mik Ce 4 years ago

    run run run dram drama drama

  • Allen Williams 4 years ago

    Floyd is going to dismantle this clown!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

  • schompification schompye 4 years ago

    ortiz won berto tought that could against floyd same shit for guerrero won
    berto now tinks can against floyd 2 stories same future looool

  • Mario G 4 years ago

    Don’t send a pocho to do a Mexican’s job….

  • Prodigious Soto 4 years ago

    Music is alright but the quality of the audio is horrible

  • Charlie Brizzown 4 years ago

    Its gonna be a long night for the ghost

  • chuydragon 4 years ago

    This Robert Guerrero is a joke. Why is he fighting Gayweather?

  • thegiftedmedia 4 years ago

    I want Guerrero to fight a very dirty fight against Floyd. Even if it
    disqualifies him.

  • daniel d 4 years ago

    Watched it with sound off, just a personal preference whenever I watch
    boxing. Good highlights and, in relation to your comment, it’s nice to see
    someone being humble for a change. Guerrero is good, but Mayweather is

  • New12RAW 4 years ago

    I cant wait to see Flyod beat that punk tacos ass as usual he sucks just
    like this whack ass music real spainish get they ass beat when they step up
    to REAL NIGGAHS True