Season review by Pavel Tsarev Music: Two Steps From Hell – Black Blade X Ray Dog-Dogs Of War Howard Shore – Riley Red – Hymn for the Missing Within Temptatio…




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  • Руслан Волков 3 years ago

    Павел, ты — талантище. Желаю тебе реализовать свой потенциал коммерчески
    успешными продуктами для души. Спасибо за труды, чемпион осрвком

  • Mr18000rpm 3 years ago

    Great video, just watching it gives one a great feel for the level of
    domination over the field by Michael Schumacher. It was unfortunate that
    the start of his time to be the best was also the saddest time in F1 since
    the death of Gilles Villenueve 12 years earlier. Gilles and Ayrton RIP

  • MesserSmit1 3 years ago

    Отличная нарезка ,ждём обзоров в том же духе.

  • Alex Mendes 3 years ago

    this is considered the worst season in Formula 1 made ​​by Fia, I just
    liked the 93 season and hated in 1994 that was a waste.

  • CescoManier 3 years ago

    Schumacher made a mistake at Adelaide, ran his car against the wall and in
    order to protect his position, hit Hill´s Williams. World Champion! 

  • Sundaydish1 3 years ago

    Is it too hard to put some of the original sound in the video? The sound of
    F1 is just as good as the visuals. Wish an actual F1 fan would make a video
    like this.

  • Руслан Волков 3 years ago

    Привет с осрв!

  • Márk Malinák 3 years ago

    Great quality! Thank you!

  • GabrielCCCP 3 years ago

    And Michael Cheatmacher is the Disputed Champion of the World of 1994!!!!

  • Spyros CounterStrike 3 years ago

    Imola weekend sucked!

  • 201aelita 3 years ago

    Very awesome video but sad at the same time.

  • jose azeredo 3 years ago

    Que linda homenagem … Senna vive !!!

  • Jean Sapia 3 years ago

    no words…

  • Ryosuke324 3 years ago

    F1 Die on 5/1/1994, RIP Ayrton.S

  • Duarte Fernandes 3 years ago

    i was 8years old and i still remember seeing that race in Imola on Tv.i
    remember that as always in all weekends me and my bros and dad seat down
    lunching and watching the F1 GP and i didnt want to believe that Senna dyed
    in that race.i cryed all week and seen the funeral on tv.for me the Best
    pilot ever

  • Tom Franks 3 years ago

    Wow. What a video! Everything down to the choice of music was great and
    really encapsulated the feelings of the 1994 season. Great job

  • DocDudix 3 years ago

    Extraordinary video, congratulations!

  • George Kritikos 3 years ago


  • Stefko Georgiev 3 years ago

    Best video ever!!!

  • Hammerhead547 3 years ago

    That image of Alain Prost looking like he is about to cry is so poignant
    because he and Senna had just smoothed things over and had become quite
    close friends.

    He was heartbroken at the news.

  • Peripteras Peripteropoulos 3 years ago

    good job mate!!and you realize how hard is the f1 world!!life has go on and
    in f1 life never stop!!!

  • Anders Lundberg 3 years ago

    great vid,thnx

  • jgomesfp Júnior César 3 years ago

    The season marked the 94 huckstering Flavio Briatore and Schumacher, Damon
    Hill incompetence, the death of Roland Ratzenberger, and especially the
    death of this genius of the track … Ayrton Senna da Silva.

  • Leandro Scialfa 3 years ago