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  • markjohnvaldez 4 years ago

    i feel pity for rios for his upcoming fight against pacman,,,
    i think the fight will not last up to 5 rds. in favor of pacman,,

  • lsplan23 4 years ago

    And that comment earlier about pacroid that was stupid seeing how Rios got
    caught after fight lmao 

  • enzorurong 4 years ago

    too slow for manny.

  • hung hang 4 years ago

    If Pacquiao is in good condition, he surely win, but even though, rios
    have a power to K.O pacquiao.

  • lsplan23 4 years ago

    This is wat happens when u get two mediocre fighters a classic brawl both
    guys got murked there last fights , they both are whatever fighters and
    Rios is really overated 

  • Donxz Evangelista 4 years ago

    i guest Rios will agains Pacquiao fyt. T_T

  • sioneme talaugon 4 years ago

    pacman will definitely slaughter him! round 6 or below! watch out rios..
    prepare to meet your doom! 

  • DJPlayback 4 years ago

    manny is going to smash him

  • Philip Offshoot 4 years ago

    mismatch of the year pacqiuao vs rios

  • ultimategoobah 4 years ago

    nah, i disagree with the idea that pacquiao is at a disadvantage in this
    fight. yea, he’s more offensive than defensive.. he’s not really a counter
    puncher, but I don’t think that rios is necessarily at a disadvantage
    against all counter punchers. I don’t think that’s really how it works. on
    the contrary, I actually think rios has a fairly good style for counter
    punchers.. he’s not only aggressive, but he’s a true pressure fighter. a
    good way to defeat counter punchers, is to be able to take away the space
    they need to counter punch.. if you are good at doing that, then you could
    be pretty good at defeating counter punchers. the problem, is that rios is
    NOT a counter puncher. so, why wouldn’t he just be a sitting duck against
    the more quick footed, fast handed hard punching pacquiao?

  • lee venning 4 years ago

    rios lost loads of rounds the judges were way to close alvarado was
    brilliant nice to see a boxer beat a brawler

  • MuSiCkWoRlD1 4 years ago

    PAC will shit on him so bad 

  • rexatunam 4 years ago

    Pity style rios for pacman…only one round in favored to pacman…rios is
    not best fightr what we looking for againts pacman..intense opponent should
    be great entertain. To us viewer..and fans…..walay klaro ninna match.

  • bboyroxas 4 years ago

    they still have more than you

  • bboyroxas 4 years ago

    not so fast marquez does well against guys who fight aggressive ask manny

  • Aleksandar MIhajlovv 4 years ago

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  • bigkckrva 4 years ago

    I feel bad for Rios man.. Manny has the EYE of the TIGER back! Manny will
    UNLEASH the DRAGON Punch on this Burrito Rios!

  • bigkckrva 4 years ago

    lets not forget BOTH came off a lost! Its not Manny’s fault if Gay Floyd is
    STILL SCARED to fight him! If ANYTHING..Floyd is the CHERRY PICKING KING!

  • 77BeatsPerMinute 4 years ago

    I hope Rios gets both orbitals broken. Roach:”Manny remember when he made
    fun of me?”… Pacquiao:”Emmmmmm yessss”… Roach:”Destroy him!” Pacquiao
    goes in beast mode…

  • Pedro Martinez 4 years ago

    I think that is the real reason he picked Rios. Margarito already got his

  • 77BeatsPerMinute 4 years ago

    I wonder if Pacquiao really forgives Rios for making fun of Roach’s
    Parkinson’s. If Pacquiao did then he’ll take it easy on Rios like how he
    did vs Bradley. If not then Rios will have 2 broken eye orbitals.

  • sonnytheboxer 4 years ago

    they need a third fight

  • muscleman041 4 years ago

    watch 01:58 you will gonna see a fast version of that move to pacman come
    nov 23…..very very fast.

  • dbo22 4 years ago

    pacroid cherrypicking another punching bag. Look at rios no defense
    watsoever just comes foward to get hit over and over

  • Jervy Sheldon 4 years ago

    this shit RIOS!!to many trashtalk to our MANNY PACQUIAO cause his dick is
    motherfucking afraid!!.his ass gonna get knockout.