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  • FreezeFrameCentral 4 years ago

    @redsox9890 untrue dumbass

  • jpfeiffer001 4 years ago

    i can agree with this. but i do hope in the future it gets more heated

  • Stringer Bell 4 years ago

    I think the same can be said with most sports these days. The players are
    more friendly to each other.

  • slapshot68 4 years ago

    the mlb should keep the unbalanced schedule in 2013 so the yankees cud play
    the sox 19 times still. if they go to the balanced schedule, then they wud
    play eachother less frequentli whicj wud kill baseball’s ratings. n why hav
    an AL team play an NL team on opening day n the end of the season? i wana
    see an excellent start n finish to the season.

  • redsox9890 4 years ago

    New york is full of idiot fans who dont know anything about baseball.

  • Mariah Marx 4 years ago

    As a Yankees fan I can honestly say there is far more animosty towards us
    at Fenway than red sox fans recieve at Yankee stadium. You guys dont
    experience half the hatred when visiting the opposing teams’ park.
    Pesonally I HATE the red sox mainly because the team is from boston, this
    includes the patriots, celtics, bruins and any other team representing that
    city. I recieved alot of racism when I went out there. Needless to say I
    will never return to that God forsaken city.

  • Tyrone Mackay 4 years ago


  • JoeJ4684 4 years ago

    Being a Yankee fan I still think it is, however I lived in L.A. for a few
    years for my job and the Giants/Dodgers can get pretty bad too.

  • ThisWeekinRed 4 years ago

    Agreed. All rivalries miss something from the old days. Sox-Yanks now is
    nothing like the 1970s

  • Mariah Marx 4 years ago

    Speaking as a Yankees fan there is far for

  • ThisWeekinRed 4 years ago

    @TheRenegadeAssassin Welcome!

  • fore3113 4 years ago

    It wasn’t a fist fight. It was a Fisk fight