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  • AFIGHTCHANNEL 4 years ago

    Showtime is killing it right now. HBO is dying. 

  • TuNe Retro 4 years ago

    Canelo, Take Notes my friend. Thats how you beat a boxer. Not how you were
    trying to do it which was out box mayweather.

  • what? 4 years ago

    If there is a Maidana/Broner rematch the fight must take place in

  • 3FLYTE 4 years ago

    I want to see Pacquiao versus Broner after Bradley.

  • noize2040 4 years ago

    Marcos Maidana > Mayweather.
    overhand right, with left hook over and over again, and it works like a
    charm against that shoulder role. 

    Ahmir Khan vs > AB

    Oscar de La Hoya > Bob Arum

    Good year for Golden Boy.

  • Jeff Charles 4 years ago

    Wannabe Floyd finally get his ass whoop! I hope his going to shut his mouth

  • Ewe Supremacist 4 years ago

    These arrogant African American boxers are embarrassing, humble yourself
    and respect your sport and your opponent. I understand that it’s partially
    entertainment but when you can’t back up your cockiness it makes you look
    stupid also it feels good to the fans who dislike you to see you get your
    ass beat up and down the ring. I used to dislike Mayweather but after the
    Canelo fight I really understood his brilliance in boxing.
    Sometimes a loss helps you out a lot more than a continuous winning streak,
    best of luck to Adrien Broner.

  • tj jordan 4 years ago

    I just watched clips from Maidana and Khan fight and I think Broner is not
    in this lane of boxing he is just not a true fighter at this weight class
    he needs to go back to his weight that he normally fights. these guys are
    both just stronger and harder hitters than him and they should be. even
    though he gained the weight Broner is not a true 160 pound boxer he is
    trying to be something he’s not. I aint saying he cant eventually be good
    at this weight but he gone take some but whippings because these guys hit
    so much harder than what he is used to 

  • Cristian Elvir 4 years ago


  • kyong seo 4 years ago

    broner can use mayweathers style DEFENSE all he wants but he’s OVERRATED.
    MAIDANA has proven himself in previous fights that he has a chin and big

  • Jackmerius Tacktheritrix 4 years ago

    The best part about Broner he was still trying to get clubs to pay him to
    go during the post fight interview. You just lost bitch! Who’s gonna pay
    to put a loser in their club? Some people are too stupid to beat any sense

  • Victor Johnson 4 years ago

    They cheated madona took a pill slipped to him by his trainer during the
    fight. Look up madona takes pill.

  • PresidentEvil11 4 years ago

    lool the best part was watching jelly legs broner hugging maidana hanging
    on for dear life

    What a little bitch ahahahaa

  • phxsunsalldayable 4 years ago

    Broner for the birds 

  • Sean Cothrine 4 years ago

    i don’t want to see any more clowning from Adrien. just embarrassing.. I
    had a feeling this would happened.. Adrien no longer can do all that
    talking. He talked before he had any true experience. He jumped in with the
    bull without any respect to its horns and now Its time for some walking and
    no talking.. did enough of talking..

  • CABALENTV ABE ABE 4 years ago

    Broner : The next Mayorga!

  • Patricio Garcia 4 years ago

    Broner better stay away from the rematch, stay away from Mathysse, Garcia
    or anyone at 140, 147 with power, he should go to 135 where he has size
    advantage, and he better stay away from Gamboa, too much volume punching he
    loses a decision, Gamboa aint getting robbed with 50 on his side

  • Nimrod Roberts 4 years ago

    That chicken dance after the knockdown tho!

  • Big Wil S 4 years ago


  • caerrrr 4 years ago

    african americans are gays and maricas . they are shit i told you before ,
    they never meet danger , when they meet , they are slave again , so let ,
    they believe in himself

  • Malcolm X 4 years ago

    As a black man myself. Mayweather – You are standing up for black men
    worldwide. I have said it once and I will say it again – BOXING IS SYMBOLIC
    - Why do you think white boys love MMA ? Because it represents them. They
    saw that they were SHIT at boxing so they created their own shit. Forget
    about guns and bombs and all that stuff. That’s just for cowardly fags.
    Boxing strips you down to what you are,. to who you are. Unlike Broner,
    Mayweather would rather DIE than lose to a spic or a white man. Mayweather
    sign to fight Pac-Man, put all that Arum shit to one side and get that
    fucker out there. So then they won’t have shit on you. Andre Ward fight
    that Golvokin dude, who every seems to think is some terminator. Deontay
    Wilder fight one of the Klitschkos sisters and restore black heavyweights
    to their rightful throne. Get all of these fucking spics, white boys, outta
    there. Clean this shit up !!! Run them the hell out of town. They’re
    getting too cheeky. If you don’t, white boys on the street will start to
    get ideas and be more confident in squaring up to black men. Remember –
    Boxing is symbolic – and black fighters are symbols for black manhood
    worldwide, Period !!! 

  • Chris Johnson 4 years ago


  • Sugabullets 4 years ago

    forget what happened to Broner its time Maidana is turned into a superstar
    he deserves it !

  • LUIS AGUILAR 4 years ago


  • ties0 4 years ago

    MAIDANA from ARGENTINA, thats how we do it