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  • Lhaw06 4 years ago

    even though its not UFC, it’s still enjoyable, I actually enjoy the
    entertainment value

  • Spiderman 4 years ago

    should have left blacks in africa

  • fdrew37 4 years ago

    He could have won easily…never stand and bang with one punch ko
    power…come on man

  • canibus19 4 years ago

    Yeah, I can def see Bellator isn’t on UFC level…yet. 

  • Mantis ZA 4 years ago

    Bellator is so fukn ghetto

  • Glenn Gambitier 4 years ago

    Im suspicious about this fight, they really fed Beltran to the wolf for
    more good publicity on Rampage and on Bellator I think. And why I think so
    is 3 resons.
    1) Rampage a much better and more experienced fighter, puting on his mean
    face vs some guy he can crush. Normaly when you are that much better you
    play it humble.
    2) Rampage didnt do shit and let Beltran hit him for free untill a few sec
    left, then he KOd him so easy. Its like when playing with kids, you play on
    their level but its very obvious its not your level.
    3) The early stopage hinting that the ref was very much aware about their
    skill diffrence.

  • Eddie King 4 years ago

    Early stoppage for sure.

  • Justin M 4 years ago

    Stopped too early at 4:59 – the bell was getting ready to hook that dude
    up. I believe Rampage would have eventually won that fight…but that
    wasn’t the right time for his victory. 

  • John Olmos 4 years ago

    Rampage is just part of the old guard…Its weird i started watching MMA
    around UFC 100 and a lot of the guys I watched are retiring or over the
    cop,Fedor,Big nog,Wandy,Anderson….all the super exciting names 

  • MMAView 4 years ago

    I always wondered how good Rampage could have been if he trained at a good
    camp. To late now. I still wish him the best but he is now in the minor
    league of mma.

  • Miles Fereday 4 years ago

    Rampage just doesnt look as mean as he did before just wild swinging??? I
    havent been following him but he didnt look as strong as the past.

  • ToliN86 4 years ago

    beltran is sooooooooo booooring :S 

  • CasualMMOing 4 years ago

    so good to see him kicking really mix’s up his striking and les him throw
    them combo’s awesome to see that MMA style coming out and not just boxing 

  • Eddie Bardock 4 years ago

    Bellator: The TNA of the martial mixed arts

  • zim zimma 4 years ago

    McGregor look a like at 14.10

  • Steve Estrada 4 years ago

    Bullshit early stoppage, the ref should have let them go, beltran was ahead
    until he went down. Nick diaz went down vs paul daley &got back up to kick
    his ass

  • James Cage 4 years ago

    why was rampage cut from the ufc he looks like a beast!

  • AnthonyMazzarella 4 years ago

    i was there. my man cheesesteak and dan won during the undercard. 

  • lowdose338 4 years ago

    Probably took Beltran a long time to clean all of that shit out of his
    pants when Rampage charged him

  • Smith Guy 4 years ago

    Rampage is BACK :-) 

  • lairdriver 4 years ago

    Rampage has Boxing foot work, your feet never leave the ground. Just slide
    around. Beltran is lifting his feet. It leaves him more open to
    knockdowns as he only has 1 leg to support him in that one or two seconds
    after the hit..

  • spoose1 4 years ago

    lima too cant forget that beast 

  • Corz Illa 4 years ago

    great that rampage is back.. but why the chessyness man?? you clowin bro?

  • Joseph Lee 4 years ago

    10:19 “Rampage said he’s physically 100%, these fighters are OUTSTANDING
    liars” LMAO

  • AidosTheMan 4 years ago