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  • Shelby Hatfield 4 years ago

    this video sucks big balls show highligts of them

  • Joe Carter 4 years ago

    Are these people smoking crack? 

  • takutatanga 4 years ago

    I think many people would, and perhaps rightly so, contest the validity of
    this study. And if that were so, many people would contest the argument
    that institutional racism even exists. Studies in of themselves are not
    enough. People see what they want to see, liberals readily admit to their
    own humanity, that is they will admit to their personal bias and
    prejudices. The conservative right however deal in absolutes, and in no way
    will admit to being biased or prejudiced. If anything they will be quite
    unapologetic about their no-nonsense, hard-line stance and probably view
    liberals as apologists, who can’t make up their minds on anything. 

  • eirefrance 4 years ago

    @superphi Because duh stats on duh IQ-eses are be not fully understanded.
    Was my grammar bad enough for you to read it?

  • StewieSwan 4 years ago

    @rickythepilot Glad to see somebody gets it. We can do our best to
    eradicate it on a conscious level, but the subconscious racism will be with
    us for a while longer, though it, too, will eventually die out as we
    interbreed more and more.

  • TheJbo614 4 years ago

    Is being a Christian “under the banner of the monolithic, drab, homogenized
    and impersonally conformist politically correct worldview?”

  • Justin Hampel 4 years ago

    @cruiscinlan You didn’t read my comment at all. I say that with such
    confidence because you have shown a clear lack of knowledge concerning who
    I was talking to and what I was talking about. Again, “white people” as a
    group do not control this country. I’m not going to deny that the people in
    power tend to be white and often racist, but this needn’t and shouldn’t be
    extended to all white people. It’s a simplistic way of looking at the
    issue, and it’s also ironically racist.

  • JEFF9K 4 years ago

    The monitoring system should be in effect at all times. Umpires who make
    bad calls should be fired. I remember that certain pitchers with
    reputations for having great control were given the benefit of the doubt on
    close calls. This was bad for the game.

  • aaronpolitical 4 years ago

    @CB4SN13 The social learning was, I believe, overcome by the fact that they
    conducted studies in so many different countries with widely varying social
    structures and norms. Racial dislike of the other was observed in all
    cases. Maybe you should think about absolute statements, such as your
    “either/or” about the cause of racism, when any rational person would
    accept that it is probably a combination of many factors. Watch the
    condescension, you have no clue who you are addressing.

  • HomleandSecurity 4 years ago

    @HyrbidHermit But we do know that Poverty=Laziness and Immorality

  • aro327 4 years ago

    @gladitsnotme can black people be racist towards white people then?

  • Jake Steeves 4 years ago

    I think what some people call unconscious racism isn’t really racism at
    all, like why white people are bad at telling black people apart, it’s not
    because they are racist, they just don’t live around a lot of black people
    so they aren’t used to them, it’s not your black so I’m gonna judge you
    differently, it’s I don’t know you as well. Now of course this is not what
    blatant racism is.

  • bonly3 4 years ago

    @Packerd01 and when did i say racism is one sided oh thats right i didn’t.i
    just asked what does blacks in the nba have to do with this video

  • Alice Laurant 4 years ago

    @CB4SN13 uhhh no. The white kid would most likely to be shunned, because he
    is an outsider and different. It may be superficial but it’s our instinct
    to keep to our own kind/race/people/ethnicity.

  • flake452 4 years ago

    @tonkaaaaa “white people always feel the need to defend themselves” You do
    realize that is a racist statement dont you?

  • Damian Louden 4 years ago

    @Friedstuffsable No, I’m a fucking realist who chooses to accept reality.
    I’m white by the way

  • blunty gagnon 4 years ago

    @CB4SN13 People form tribes based on religion, ethnicity, nationality, race
    etc. Find yourself in a prison and soon you’ll be part of a tribe based on
    race. Nothing new happened during the Colonial Period – one tribe
    dominating and enslaving another tribe is just business as usual. Racial
    categories didn’t exist before the Colonial Period? Absurd. People have
    always noticed race.

  • MacintoshEnthusiast 4 years ago

    why not just use the monitoring system if its more accurate than humans

  • Chris Nyholm 4 years ago

    these stats are so skewed… fact 1: most of the best pitchers in the world
    are white. for example: roy halladay, justin verlander, josh beckett, jered
    weaver, cliff lee, cj wilson, etc. fact 2: better pitchers, get the calls.
    Everyone who knows baseball knows roy halladay or josh beckett get more
    cals than a rookie. fact 3: umpires make bad calls all the time.

  • ERAUPRCWA 4 years ago

    I’m not gonna cry over this… black people pretty much own all sports in
    the US, except for well, Hockey and soccer…

  • HyrbidHermit 4 years ago

    @superphi No, I’m doing a fact check on you. There’s so many examples that
    counter your claim that IQ is connected to wealth. For one, teachers and
    adjunct university professors are bright and they make crappy pay. We all
    believe that Asians are smart, yet China, North Korea, and many other SE
    Asian countries have large impoverished populations. On the other hand, it
    doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make money. Gangster rappers are rich.
    So according to you, Tupac is Einstein.

  • superphi 4 years ago

    @HyrbidHermit Did u just tell me u have u seen a study that IQ has no
    correlation on income, u must be fucking stupid or dumb, it is like saying
    height has no correlation on income and everybody knows the taller pple on
    average makes more money.

  • oakaveli 4 years ago

    @rickythepilot please speak for yourself. quit excusing YOUR racism by
    saying “everyone else does it!!!”

  • TheMangoDeluxe 4 years ago

    It just goes to show we need to work extra hard to fight against the
    evolutionary bias we have towards our own ‘tribe’.

  • JiraiyaBook 4 years ago

    I really wanted an answer to the question I posted just below. On a topic
    such as racism it’s important for me to understand other people’s points of
    view and an authentic answer is what I was waiting for. But I guess no
    answer can be considered as one.