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  • Into the Alabama’s backwoods with Cambo, diamond mining in the Central
    African Republic, the weight gain diet with Riff Raff, and tennis with
    inmates. This is the latest on +VICE. 

  • Riles07 3 years ago

    We really, REALLY don’t need trailers VICE. The saturation of goddamn
    trailers from this channel is what made me unsubscribe the first time.
    Please just upload the content and cut out the fat. 

  • LiquidTechnique 3 years ago

    riff raff is a fucking disgrace to humanity. fucking shame on you vice for
    even spending time with this fraud ass and might i add rich (before he went
    into rap) muppet.

  • barneygrumble 3 years ago

    my dog is a jerk

  • Exploring With Josh 3 years ago

    i love this series, I’ve QUIT my job of to live a dream of travelling
    round the world alone, and I set off SOON. So excited, will be documenting
    my experiences on YouTube. I spent 1700$ on A new camera (Samsung NX1) also
    being only 21 years old im a young traveler and im just a regular guy
    doing what many wants to do but don’t . everyone can make it happen!!

  • CustomGrow420 3 years ago


  • Drew P. Balls 3 years ago

    i hate rap with its glorification of violence, ignorance and misogyny. i
    grew up with it and leaned to hate it because of its followers that
    religiously follow this buillshit.

  • aram442 3 years ago

    How did Riff Raff get so rich? I remember the show Gz to Gents when he was
    a homeless who supported this guy?

  • Goose Titty 3 years ago

    i leeeerned how da shoot shotgunss i learned how to sumhin rabbits

  • emailchrismoll 3 years ago

    Why does vice give a shit about rap? They need to cover bands that play
    actual instruments instead. Any fool can talk over a drum machine. No
    talent there.

  • youngbuck189 3 years ago

    Riff Raff might be the most pathetic piece of garbage I’ve ever seen. He
    will never be 240 pounds of muscle unless he takes massive amounts of
    anabolic steroids. I can tell from what little I saw of his workout how
    ignorant he is of any forms of weight training. While average guys at my
    gym work 100 times harder for no publicity, this scumbag gets constant
    media attention for a farce of a workout plan. Society is fucked up if
    people think that guy is even “in shape”.

  • JON DOE 3 years ago

    Funny how a few people here are talking about the WWE and that’s pretty
    much what Riff Raff is, he’s a made up character. This guy is laughing his
    way to the bank. His whole persona was created by whoever he is and people
    love to hate him.
    At some point he will drop this act just like Mark Whalberg dropped the
    Marky Mark crap. Now the fucking guy is embarrassed by it.

  • XTHEKEVINATORX 3 years ago

    lol at him using the smith machine

  • Mo Tsss 3 years ago

    Really, how the fuck is RIff Raff going on a dirty bulk news worthy. Dirty
    bulking is just unnecessary and a very stupid thing to do. 

  • Ashlyn Teague 3 years ago

    Let big show swuash raffs ass.

  • DoinLifeProductions 3 years ago

    riff raff voice got deeper and everything, why so much muscle though for a

  • southbeach09 3 years ago

    Fucking felons have a nicer court than most people have in their own parks.
    For fuck sakes why is my tax paying dollars going to building tennis for
    convicted scumbag felons? These criminals should be locked in their cells
    for the rest of their lives, not playing fucking tennis.

  • Moose 3 years ago

    I’m not sure where Riff Raff came from but it needs to be killed with fire.

  • Music Media Group / Directed by Davo 3 years ago

    I CANNOT believe you featured this guy Riff Raff? Lost me there…Wha? What
    the fuck is a Riff Raff? Please, please, please, do not waste our valuable
    time..I trust you, don’t ruin it…;)

  • MARQ CARNITA 3 years ago

    the weight gain riff raff looks retarded.. Dude aint gonna get to 240lbs of
    pure MUSCLE by eating like shit.. He’ll probably have way too much extra
    fat on him at 240 and will neex to cut down to 205-210 to be “SOLID MUSCLE”

  • Tyler Durden 3 years ago

    Cambo wasn’t to alone, he got his ass shot in the arm after his 21st

  • thramagen 3 years ago

    1:50 ya only if you’re good at tennis, the losers have to stay in prison

  • cantryss 3 years ago

    I hate when vice does this posting a commercial on youtube as content. This
    shit belongs at the end of a video, not as a video it’s self.

  • Roland Del Mar 3 years ago

    Riff Raff’s Docu really not for the list. 

  • jeebersjumpincryst 3 years ago

    i would prefer to see riff raff diamond mining in car, under the watchful
    eye and barrel of cambo