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  • Dave Long 3 years ago

    Negroes need to stop molesting whites.

  • Sheldon Cooper 3 years ago

    United States of America > United Kingdom

    When you’re on American land you play by American rules.

    You don’t like it, go back to your crummy ass country. Lawlz

  • Deefex Synth 3 years ago

    Omg! I’ll never get over the security guy rushing the duchess to get up
    quickly beyonce and jay z was coming over. Lol. I think beyonce and jay are
    richer than the duke and duchess. Just because they are royals, i don’t
    think they have more than $1 billion which is Beyonce’s and jay z’s net

  • pajopaj 3 years ago

    Lol, the baldness is strong with this one.

  • markswarner 3 years ago

    The Queen is the largest landowner on earth, nearly 1/6 of the land of
    earth. Her true net worth is literally incalculable. She’s also queen of 16
    different countries and 51 commonwealth states. While she holds many assets
    in state, a great many more are held privately and cannot be valued. You’re
    looking at a video of a family that once ruled the land where they are
    shaking Beyonce’ hand. While Beyonce and Jay-Z are immensely successful and
    talented, the royal family technically are not celebrities. They are
    royalty–a status you are born into or marry into. Royals don’t need money.
    Entire governments fund their activities and residences. So I don’t know if
    I would compare riches.

  • Troll God 3 years ago

    They should be grateful jay and B even gave them a second thought