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  • Tennis Now 4 years ago

    You should watch the point/counterpoint we just posted on the equal pay
    issue! You’ll probably agree with Blair.

  • BrotherWoody1 4 years ago

    If men play more, they should get paid more. Personally, I’d like to see
    men play 2 out of 3 at the slams then nobody would have any room to gripe.
    As long as the majors extend so many games over night because they lack
    lights or any other arcane traditions peculiar to the tournament, if men
    played 2 out of 3, we’d see the conclusion of many more matches in prime
    time when most fans are able to watch on TV unencumbered by daytime duties.
    Tennis needs to become more focused as a prime time sport.

  • TomTrix99 4 years ago

    Men`s Slam matches are twice as long as womens, thus giving more
    entertainment. Fact. So since mens matches are longer and watched by more
    people they generate a lot more money through commercials etc. So from a
    business standpoint, yes, of course the mens prize money should be more.
    Take soccer for instance, the men earn like a million times more than
    women! Why? cause nobody watches women soccer, while mens soccer is the
    most watched sport in the world…..

  • Christine Jones 4 years ago

    I lost so much respect for Simon after that comment. Women work just as
    hard to get where they are. I agree that if one match individually is
    longer than another it would make sense to pay the longer match competitors
    more, but that was not Simon’s point. He went on later to say that it’s not
    about the length of the game but the fact that men’s tennis is “more
    interesting” because of the way they play. That’s just not fair to say. It
    shouldn’t matter how many people watch. It’s about the work.

  • tombantle 4 years ago

    Equal pay for equal work should mandate that participants in matches that
    go longer than 3 sets should receive additional pay. Alternatively, let the
    women play best 3 out of 5 at majors.