The power of this car is amazing, its the best chick magnet ever!!!! Shirts Available Now - Subscribe to my second channel for more pranks and vlogs….
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  • Azian2DaMax 3 years ago

    1:45 of course the fat girl is the bitch. Girls, don’t be fat.

  • Sawada Katashi 3 years ago

    Bitches….gold diggers…. It is proven now…watched many of these
    videos… proves todays women are fuckin bitches

  • WrestlingTalkerUK 3 years ago

    I’ll be doing this if I win the lottery. +Baboultr 

  • Angélique S. 3 years ago

    are there normal girls in usa, or is it just whores?

  • Deadpool 3 years ago

    first thing your parents teach you as a kid when you first start going out
    on your own don’t get in random cars with strangers.

  • loreleivixen 3 years ago

    That witch with the Tory Burch handbag is definitely a gold digger. The
    rest of the women are fucking stupid. 

  • Zabi D. 3 years ago

    Ok where do I find a car like this lol haha.. it’s that easy, yes sirr.

  • Vegetsu101 3 years ago

    So guys would you not hop in the car if it was a hot chick asking you?

  • komododragosh 3 years ago

    My hopes in getting a girlfriend just dropped drastically. No wonder i am
    still a virgin

  • Aousnik Gupta 3 years ago

    thumbs up for the lambo !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    both boys n girls wud be impressed
    boys for the tecnik n girls fr the lambo

  • Milagros Capcha 3 years ago

    I’m an american and I am humiliated by other americans. Why do people from
    other countries act better?

  • Cody Reynolds 3 years ago

    Girls are gold diggers; they like material. If a hot girl told me to jump
    in a dumpster with her I would because I’m genuinely attracted to HER, hell
    you could put a fat chick in a Lamborghini and I wouldn’t get in.

  • Pocahantas Millian 3 years ago

    The only one with sense was the girl with the black dress at 1:30 the rest
    of those girls where straight groupies 

  • Eva Creed 3 years ago

    Yes, finally a smart girl. That girl in the black dress with the English
    accent was intelligent enough to walk out of the mess

  • Jonathan Liddane 3 years ago

    All women are the same, they cry deep feelings and sensitivity, but women
    really when you get down to the basics and I mean the real basics care
    about 3 things in the following order. Nothing else. MONEY, LOOKS,
    SECURITY. If you lose one of those 3 due to whatever reason, they will just
    piss on you and walk onto someone else. It is not a USA women thing only,
    just more obvious there.

  • Huy Nguyen 3 years ago

    Man, that is one sweet ass ride. That guy can pick me up and I am straight.

  • Nichita Bailuc 3 years ago

    They should do a prank where a guy in his car tells a girl to get in and as
    she is coming towards him he drives off. I wanna see that!

  • joe fechicollotie 3 years ago

    He should pull up in a real shit box of a car next time and see how he does
    or put a real tall handsome guy in the shitbox car and put a fat ugly guy
    in a lambo and lets see who gets the most girls…..

  • Ginissi 3 years ago

    women are fucking whores. they may not be selling it to anyone on the
    street. but a woman does have a numeric value on her body. some just higher
    than others. 

  • Tinzy AJ 3 years ago

    At the beginning: Really? I don’t even know you!
    Later: Where are we going? 

  • Where was the microphone? You could hear the last girl as clearly as if she
    had a mic on.

  • ladi lene charlene 3 years ago

    This is a great example on how to get raped and killed…:(

  • Wykesha Brown 3 years ago

    I can’t believe that these women actually got in the car with a complete

  • spunkflunk 3 years ago

    u know hes ritch

  • Chronic Gamer 3 years ago

    Bitches r unbelivable. All foe da doller.