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  • Edward Jones 3 years ago

    Rose hit Fosse because Fosse was blocking the plate. If your gonna tell
    runners they can’t hit the catcher in an all star game you have to tell
    catchers that they’re not allowed to block the plate. Its something every
    one of us would have done if we were in Rose’s place and the circumstances
    were the same. And the whole Fosse was never the same after the collision
    argument is utter hogwash to anyone who bothers to do a little research.
    While it is true that Fosse was hurt, he never went on the disabled list
    and went on to play 42 games in the second half of the season. Of course
    playing hurt there was a dip in his power, but the next season he went to
    the All Star game again and won a Golden Glove. Fosse’s career went into a
    tailspin in 1974 when, after being traded to the Oakland A’s, he got into
    the middle of a clubhouse fight between Reggie Jackson and Billy North and
    ended up with a broken neck. He missed the rest of that season, struggled
    through the next three and was done with baseball by 1977. THAT was the
    injury that he never recovered from.

  • jamesd2128 3 years ago

    Fosse was never the same after Rose tore up his shoulder, medical
    technology at the time couldn’t properly diagnose his shoulder injuries,
    nor was corrective surgery advanced enough. Ironically, his career might
    have been compromised by Rose’s actions, but his life afterword, married to
    the same woman for the last 44 years, and working as a Oakland Atheletic
    radio and TV analyst for nearly thirty years, has been idyllic compared to
    Rose and his train wreck of a life.

  • Albert Figone 3 years ago

    A hall of fame player! But, his head first sliding was a disaster for
    baseball! One does not dive into a base or home! I saw Billy Martin almost
    eat a baseball for attempting to “low bridge” the great catcher Jim Hegan
    in Denver! 

  • Vince Kowalski 3 years ago

    This same thing happened to me in my game. I hit the catcher because he was
    block the plate. This is the way ball should be played

  • James Blaze 3 years ago

    I have trouble sleeping at night, with rose not in the hall of fame

  • Brady Howard 3 years ago

    That was just aggressive play by Rose,I see no intent to hurt Fosse. The
    base runner only has three feet to play with. I have run over a few
    catchers in my day and I had nothing against them,they were blocking my
    way. I put one guy into the backstop. He was not angry with me,we shook
    hands and he said good play that’s part of baseball.

  • NWO BIG-MOUTH 3 years ago

    Remember when American men were tough?

  • califgirl11 3 years ago

    Pete rose the baddest ass player of all time…

  • Sergio Bello 3 years ago

    This is a great Charlie hustle.

  • Gonzo's World 3 years ago

    Don’t block the plate if you don’t have the ball. – Pete Rose 

  • Nick Barton 3 years ago

    This is real baseball.

  • Jason Darrah 3 years ago

    I don’t really care about whether or not Rose should have hit Fosse, or
    whether or not Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame. I do find the tools who
    slobber all over Rose like a great baseball player actually contributes
    anything to society because of that one skill to be amusing. He was a great
    baseball player, but he is severely lacking as a person. Unless you
    consider degenerate gamblers who put their addictions in front of everyone
    and everything to be good people.

  • Adam Tarleton 3 years ago

    So yeah Major League Baseball has banned Pete Rose from baseball entirely,
    for life. However, they still use Rose to highlight and promote their brand
    as seen with this media. Is that not hypocritical? You’re not alright with
    Rose having MLB employment or HOF-eligibility, but it’s alright to use his
    image to promote the brand.

  • PaperChaser 3 years ago

    do not block plate 

  • Sam Northam 3 years ago

    He tried to be flashy by diving head first but the ball was thrown near him
    so he had to resort to a collision 

  • Dovakeen79 3 years ago

    The way it should be played

  • Johnny Medeiros 3 years ago

    I hope they never let him in the hall, betting on baseball when he was
    managing just tells you he cared more for money and gambling then
    baseball,He lost his integrity for baseball somewhere down the line
    .probably after thinking he was a lock for the hall of
    fame……knucklehead..And thirty yrs later he finally admitted that he was
    not only betting on sports but baseball.Him and Bonds should never get bin
    ,No integrity.

  • Pik Pik Mo 3 years ago

    I thought I heard Rose had dinner at Fosse’s house a few hours earlier that

  • FightingSheep1 3 years ago

    The greatest players in the world only know one speed, FULL. They don’t
    play to the level of their competition, EVER. There aren’t many of these
    types but when you’ve been one of the blessed few to have seen one in your
    life, you’ll NEVER forget them. 

  • kevinocooldaddy 3 years ago

    A guy I used to work with years ago at a record store (Remember those) in
    the Tampa bay area told me a story of his asking Pete Rose for his
    autograph. Billy, my friend, who was about 8, as a little kid walks up to
    Rose during Spring training in Tampa and asks for his auto graph…and Rose
    said this to an 8 year old I’d…”Fuck off kid.” Class act. Johnny Bench
    was walking up behind Rose when this happened and apologized to Billy and
    his family, gave him his autograph and ball cap..then walked over to Rose
    and got in his face…players had to separate them. ..Rose was and is still
    a cock face 

  • T Car 3 years ago

    Pete Rose broke the rules and should not be in the Hall of Fame. Simple as
    that. He broke the laws of baseball and must pay the penalty. To make a
    special rule for Pete Rose is to water down the Hall of Fame. Rules and
    Laws must be followed.

  • Jeff Creel 3 years ago

    Another step towards the Pussification of America ! If the catcher is
    blocking the plate without the ball are you supposed to ask him to move ?
    No, you do what Pete did !! 

  • NPRMc 3 years ago

    Common lore is that Pete and Ray were/are good buddies. They were not. In
    fact, in the book “Talkin’ Baseball: An Oral History of Baseball in the
    1970′s” by Phil Pepe (worth finding) Ray said that the first time he ever
    met Pete was at dinner the night before the game. Good or bad, Pete tries
    to spin it any way he can. Ray doesn’t think much of Rose and really
    doesn’t like how he keeps changing his story but one thing is clear, they
    never were friends.

  • Rodney Pepper 3 years ago

    I like Pete Rose. Yeah, he fucked up, gambled on baseball but STILL one of
    big hearted players and inspirational. Does that make me a freak!? 

  • Don Judd 3 years ago

    For all the people here championing Rose’s actions, under the new rule,
    Rose would have been perfectly legal and justified to truck Fosse. The
    catcher cannot block the plate without the ball, period. The rule against
    collisions does not kick in here, and Rose would have been safe.

    And while I am glad he’s banned for life for his gambling, the real shame
    is not that he will never be in the hall, it’s that one of the most amazing
    careers ever had to end because of his terrible string of bad and illegal