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  • TheBBallEnthusiast 3 years ago

    So can someone describe a perfect game to me? I’m not a baseball fan so
    what I assumed a perfect game was are No balls, all strikes, no balls hit.
    Basically everything “perfect” that can actually happen. 

  • thefutureprez2016 3 years ago

    This Jim Joyce really beats himself up over this.
    No matter how historic it could have been, it’s still just a game. If he
    calls out the last guy, we still have wars, diseases, crime, and general
    bad stuff.
    Perfect game irrelevant.

  • Irwin Wins 3 years ago

    The ump is a racist! 

  • Constant Chinner 3 years ago

    Can’t say ass on tv I guess.

  • Katelyn Slominski 3 years ago

    For all the people saying instant replay ruins the game understand that it
    just started this season so they’ll be some kinks to work out. Yes I also
    don’t like how the manager walks out there and has to wait for the thumbs
    up or down, but the most important part is that you get it right. A minute
    or two won’t kill anyone. Being a tigers fan I wish instant replay would’ve
    been available during this game. 

  • CJ Sellers 3 years ago

    …and 4 years later Instant Replay has become the stupidest thing I have
    ever seen in baseball. Thought it would be good for baseball, but it’s
    basically ruining the sport. 

  • Gerry Dendrinos 3 years ago

    Both the ump and the pitcher deserve a great deal of credit. A mistake was
    made and the ump lived up to it publicly and made no excuses. The pitcher
    forgave him. Umpiring is not easy. Seeing a play over again and again in
    super mo makes it seem easy.

  • AKABoondock19 3 years ago

    All people have to do is own up to their mistakes, and for the most part
    are always forgiven. Just say your sorry!!!!

  • Kyle Walter 3 years ago

    No ABC, being good in life no does not trump a perfect game. 

  • ElmerFudd16 3 years ago

    Give Galarraga his perfect game back, throw Barry Bonds’ name out of the
    record book, let Pete Rose into the Hall…only then could baseball even
    hope to return to its’ former glory.

  • mulgrum 3 years ago

    No runners reach first — no hits, walks, errors. 27 up, 27 down.

  • ProfessorDeke 3 years ago

    The Indians base runner was even disappointed 

  • Bobby Crush 3 years ago

    It’s just not cricket.

  • john kammerer 3 years ago

    You spelled for wrong in the description

  • Scott Burns 3 years ago

    Thank you Jesus for showing us that we make mistakes and no body is

  • Labtec600 3 years ago

    All these ignorant posters care more about this MISTAKE than Galarragara.
    Get over it – the pitcher doesnt care and Joyce fessed up to his mistake.
    Everyone makes mistakes.

  • TheBleachBoy6789 3 years ago

    Fuck Jim fuck the car I remember this

  • Steven King 3 years ago

    umpire was fucking blind

  • Ninja Meets Youtube 3 years ago

    Im and indians fan and even i disagreed with the call

  • Travis Andrews 3 years ago

    Fuck Jim Joyce .. Adopt instants replay!!

  • topgrain 3 years ago

    Everybody has a little devil in them, and I think Jim Joyce’s came out that
    night and made “safe” come out of his mouth. I’ve known guys like him
    before, and something makes them steal another’s glory. As for the tears of
    guilt.. oh well. 

  • Daniel Lang 3 years ago

    I respect him

  • Tony KA 3 years ago


  • kyleen nicole kline 3 years ago

    I miss him being on the Tigers, guy was a classy pitcher.

  • Nolan Steurer 3 years ago

    Bull Shi*