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  • voodoochef100 4 years ago

    Here’s the best arguement for having pitchers hit & doing away with DH. POS
    Pedro notorious for plunking hitters ESPECIALLY YANKEES. But throw in on
    him & the little punk bitch charges the mound. Pedro not so tough when its
    a person his own age, he’s fighting. Wish Zimmer was 10 yrs younger.

  • samiir jackson 4 years ago

    why when a fight between 2 players breaks out, why does both teams of grown
    ass men feel the need to join in and pile up?,some adult men never grow
    from being boys, wow

  • Chelly Montoya 4 years ago

    Lmao sorry but everytime I see this I can’t help but laugh at the way Pedro
    reacts. I remember they aired this on TBS during the postseason.

  • Mateja Siljevski 4 years ago

    this is such a shit sport

  • William Vanderstarre jr 4 years ago

    Pedro Martinez is a fucking piece of shit!!!

  • GloriousBrilliance 4 years ago

    Holy shit. Soccer fan over here, couldn’t care less about baseball but I
    was surprised to find that fights happen in baseball as well. These are
    awesome. Spent the last 20 minutes just watching good fights. Why does it
    almost always start with a pitcher hitting the batter with the ball? Is it
    really intentional, or does it happen by accident? Why the fuck would you
    deliberately hit a player with the ball? 

  • indianastan 4 years ago

    Hit batters should get 2nd base and 3rd base if hit again

  • cbfbmc 4 years ago

    baseball need to be like hockey just let the 2 fight it out!

  • robertk2007 4 years ago

    jeffries should have went after peedro.. give peedro credit for charging

  • Tim Peters 4 years ago

    Nice, I hate Pedro Martinez.

  • shem henrichsen 4 years ago

    Stupid phillies

  • C.J. Mancini 4 years ago

    I love how some of you guys mouthing off of former Red Sox, probably cause
    you guys are still bitter of 2004…. puts a smile on my face.

  • Nick Falletta 4 years ago

    wow schilling has blood on his sock! :/

  • sisbrawny 4 years ago

    I didn’t see the sense in charging the mound if the umpire already ejected
    the pitcher for his bad throws.

  • Alex Williams 4 years ago

    Why the hell did the umpire “warn” the batter who almost got hit? What did
    he do to deserve a warning? Seriously, someone please explain! All I saw
    was a scumbag pitcher throwing gutballs!

  • John Miller 4 years ago

    What’s ironic is pedro martinez ends up plaing for the phillies in 2009.

  • MyEpicPhone 4 years ago

    He can throw a baseball 100mph into a 3 inch square from 60 feet away, but
    can’t hit a barely moving Williams with a giant helmet from kissing

  • jpatrick1967 4 years ago

    I’m SHOCKED that Mitch WIlliams was involved in this. Just last month he
    told one of his pitchers on his Little League team to bean a batter. What a
    class act. He lost the series for the Phillies against the Blue Jays and
    never recovered.

  • EeeeZeee 4 years ago

    Pedro is a POS. Dude made a living out of plunking batters and he can’t
    take his own shit. That last ball didn’t even hit him while Jefferies
    sustained a season ending injury. And to pussify himself even further, he
    uses his helmet as a weapon and takes pleasure in knocking 80 year old men.
    Fuck him.

  • samiir jackson 4 years ago

    i can’t believe these guys make up to 6 figure salaries but they handle
    their emotions like little girls, and this kind of behavior seems like it
    gets treated as normal adult behavior, but the pitcher had an asswoopin
    coming if his intent was dirty


    Curt Schilling always defended the team he played for. He did the same in

  • Donte821 4 years ago

    Pitchers should get suspended for a season for doing things like that

  • EasyThere Pilgrim 4 years ago

    LOL I take it these are Expos announcers. They say Williams didn’t take
    responsibility….and they say it was “unfortunate” that Pedro had the
    helmet in his hand.

  • BlargnCheese 4 years ago

    “What are they gonna lose? They’re in last place”
    I keep laughing at that.

  • Leon S. Kennedy 4 years ago

    Fuck Pedro