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  • E-DUB KR3W 3 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • Derek Bucknell 3 years ago

    I think Pavel Datsyuk is the best player in the Nhl

  • Alannah Joe 3 years ago

    Crosby is the best really i am not saying this becouse im a fan it’s true

  • Kyle Speer 3 years ago

    Lol I love all the hater’s that think there is any one close to his skill
    in the NHL at all.

  • Emile Plante 3 years ago

    I don’t know why people who don’t think that Datsyuk is the best watch this
    video and comment

  • Alannah Joe 3 years ago

    these video’s are from the bad team make him againts boston or edomonton

  • E-DUB KR3W 3 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • Shawn Akrawi 3 years ago

    Pavel is the best.

  • Brendan Brown 3 years ago

    I’d take Datsyuk over Crosby
    I’d take Yzerman over Gretzky

  • Tommy Ettinger 3 years ago

    So to prove he’s the best you have to bash Sid how does that matter for all
    the great qualities Sid possesses that datsyuk lacks in his game. The
    negative ones were ages ago he’s far from being the same whiner diver he
    was when the clips you showed happened you act like he’s the dirtiest
    player but you would cheer someone doing something to him all haters are
    the same and I don’t even have something against datsyuk but I don’t agree
    with this video one bit hate my opinion all you want but your facts are
    pretty biased and don’t change how he is as an athlete 

  • Michael Preston 3 years ago

    I think datsyuk is much better than ovi, ovi doesn’t back check and for a
    guy like him to score so much and still be unable to be a plus, its

  • Ratix SBluyer 3 years ago


  • WIZARD1880 3 years ago


  • Ben Giovanella 3 years ago

    I’ll admit Crosby and Ovechkin are both good players, but over all Datsyuk
    is better. Crosby can score and may have more points but he gets injured
    and dives. Ovechkin is an amazing one on one player but he doesn’t pass he
    is a puck hog and does everything for his team. Datsyuk is better overall
    because Datsyuk has some beautiful goals, amazing dekes plays the game
    right, doesn’t dive, and he passes the puck. That’s why Datsyuk is better

  • Radu Zagoreanu 3 years ago

    i think that Datsyuk its amazing hockey player bet Crosby is better hockey

  • Nathalie Couturier 3 years ago

    what the ****

  • wisedragon2012 3 years ago

    Crosby- Whinny crybaby who only scores cause he likes to take dives.

    Datsyuk- Great hands, plays both ways, classy, integrity…better puck

  • renocoolify 3 years ago

    He’s the best because he’s the most creative player, and he sticks out from
    the others when you watch him. You’re never sure what he’s gonna do only
    that its gonna be special. Reminds me of Larionov.

  • NarrTard 3 years ago

    Datsyuk is definitely the most skilled 2 way forward in the NHL. Crosby and
    Ovechkin can score goals but are nowhere near the same caliber as Datsyuk
    when comes to defense. +/- is more important than total points.

  • ThexerGaming 3 years ago

    Gretzky is not the best player. He only holds most points ever made in NHL

  • Dakota Coleman 3 years ago

    Datsyuk is probably the best i’ve ever seen play he can do all of it hit
    pass shoot stick handle poke check he’s the best in the nhl today

  • notredameswarrior1 3 years ago

    Crosbitch couldn’t hold Datsyuks jock strap. Crosby gets set up so much
    from Kunitz. Datsyuk does so much more.

  • CosmicRoket 3 years ago

    Pavel, ovechkin, malkin and stamkos best in my opinion

  • 7h3tSLDR02 3 years ago

    i honestly think datsyuk is one of the most overrated players ever. he’s
    really good but for people to say that he’s the best in the world, that he
    blows away ovechkin and crosby is ridiculous. I mean he really only had two
    break out years and he’s 35 years old. it took him a while to get his best
    season and you have to wonder how much left he has in him. this year, he
    only has 37 points with a plus 1 rating. crosby has like 104 points and a
    plus 35 rating I’m pretty sure, and trust me, i hate crosby, but he is a
    beast. And ovechkin has like 80 points, 50 of them goals i don’t care what
    u say about his plus/minus that guy can score. And maybe his plus/minus
    wouldn’t be terrible is he had a decent team. datsyuk has so many good
    players on his team not to mention one of the best goalies in the league