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  • MerkinMuffly 3 years ago

    Wow, nice flop there at the end for Lowry once he got his shit packed, I
    give it a 10 for the whiplash effect he throws in as he falls to the
    ground. It’s amazing how blocking the ball can just brutally slam someone
    to the ground lol.

  • SWtheGamemaster 3 years ago

    Clean block. Lowry tries the flop move at the end but to no avail.

  • lotta zay 3 years ago

    i swear while this play was happening i was yelling why dont they fucking
    give derozan the ball. derozans a good teammate though consoling lowry
    afterwards. is there any chance chris bosh comes back? they need a 3rd

  • DatRapGamer 3 years ago

    Lowry should’ve let #54 take the ball and take the shot, brooklyn wouldn’t
    have seen that coming since they were focused on Lowry.

  • SportsAsToldByAGirl 3 years ago

    clutch old man

  • flip92 3 years ago

    PP this the truth i was going nuts definitly his best career highlight of
    one of NBAs former superstars

  • Elias Sharshar 3 years ago

    This was a great series tho..

  • yaysinoquiero 3 years ago

    Ballhoggering at its finest

  • Lizzie Ruffell 3 years ago

    Yes! You can’t call Paul Pierce a
    Dinosaur & expect him not to make a fool out of you. 

  • Christian Prado 3 years ago

    Should’ve looked for a jumpshot

  • xia war 3 years ago

    These young guys are fighters, they fought well

  • Peter Griffin 3 years ago

    W/e even if Raptors won, they would still get swept by the heat..
    Honestly, the refs were the reason why Brooklyn won. Sadly, the refs won’t
    be there to protect you when you’re playing Miami.
    BTW, very bad idea by Dwayne Casey to use Lowry as the guy to make the
    point in the dying seconds.. Did he think Brooklyn was dumb enough to not
    guard him? They literally triple teamed him.

  • Tony Y 3 years ago

    That’s not a foul?

  • Kris Janvier 3 years ago

    Clean block , no foul

  • kaede rukawa 3 years ago

    Heat you’re next

  • ATTENTION HATERS: Paul Pierce blocked him clean, Kyle Lowry flopped on this
    play just like how the Raptors flopped on every other play this series. The
    refs aren’t biased to the Nets, the Raptors are just a bunch of bitches who
    flop more than any other team

  • Gary McSorley 3 years ago

    I’m a nets fan and after this series I have nothing but respect for the
    Raptors and their fan base. Whole country of Canada got their backs and
    they’re gonna go deep in the post season next couple of years. Great season

  • Patrick Sweeney 3 years ago

    gotta feel like iso-joe gets that call if pat patterson blocked that same
    shot. Your 6th man won’t be with you in Miami

  • Raymond Lui 3 years ago

    Looks like the Raptors just got beat by the “Old Dinosaurs” 

  • Mike Clayton 3 years ago

    This is what Toronto gets for not tanking the season so they could draft
    wiggins lmfao

  • Chris W 3 years ago

    That was no, he jumped at him with alot of contact. Where the fuck is the
    foul. I am serious, the raptors always get the shitties calls and the nets
    would not of won if it was not for the refs. Nets are a fucking joke !!!

  • Carlos R. 3 years ago

    When pierce got hurt earlier the fans chanted “paul pierce sucks” yet he
    stayed in the game and ends up making the game winning block!! Never
    disrespect any player.. especially Paul pierce #TheTruth 

  • Devin Gibson 3 years ago

    I be damn if them nigga’s beat Miami shit 3 peat 

  • chris remos 3 years ago

    Not saying the nets couldn’t have won without the ref’s help but the nba is
    unwatchable to me now like lebron is the best but how many times they just
    let him and wade travel does the league just think the fans are dumb