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  • NBA Highlights 3 years ago

    fuck this shit…

  • StressFreeGaming 3 years ago

    Why are y’all saying pray for Paul George praying won’t do shit. Praying
    won’t magically heal his leg. Prayer doesn’t do shit. His leg is still
    going to be broken and need time to heal weather you pray or not. And 99%
    of you won’t pray for Paul George anyway you just say that to seem like a
    good person and because everybody else is saying it.

  • Sam Johnson 3 years ago

    good I hope paul George dies fuck da pacers GO CAVS!!!!!

  • Red Pill Philosophy 3 years ago

    Am I the only one baffled by these leg-snap injuries? Kevin Ware last year,
    now this? I’m not big on NBA history, but are these kind of injuries common
    throughout the past 20 years of basketball? If not, what is causing them
    now? Freak accidents? Changes in diet? What?

  • Elikai Rivera 3 years ago

    Pray for paul george!!!!

  • hunterdude556 3 years ago

    He broke his leg big deal, I wonder why you guys don’t worry about more
    important stuff like Gaza And Israel and the Ebola Virus.

  • Donatas Beržinskas 3 years ago

    OMG this is hard to watch

  • ☆ ★ King Matt ★ ☆ 3 years ago

    I’m scared to jump, go for a block, or to even play basketball anymore.
    Prayers go out to Paul George, coming from a die hard Thunder and Bulls

  • Well, there goes his career…

  • AmJustMe AJ 3 years ago

    For all the people who liked this, you should’ve disliked it cause its like
    you’re saying you liked what happened to him so i disliked it cause i
    didn’t like what happened to him.

  • Rider Stevenson 3 years ago


  • grievondeath 3 years ago

    fuck… i would have scream like bitch…but i never broke any bones
    before, so really i dont now, maybe its not that bad?… right?

  • Michaelsp9 3 years ago

    If you look closely, LeBron travelled

  • tristan jones 3 years ago

    now kids stay in school, study hard and go to college and you wont end up a
    career playing basketball ,used too much steroid, get injured and used and
    dump by rich people

  • docj09 3 years ago

    “this might be serious”

    ya think?

  • BrianRule 3 years ago

    Lol I never broke a bone yet in my life. Damn I drink too much milk. -_-

  • ukfan758 3 years ago

    Why did the pussies at abc news blur out the injury when they showed it on
    world news? It’s not like someone got their head chopped off or was killed.

  • Phil My-Balls 3 years ago

    This is why you NEVER play for free if you don’t have to.

  • Johny Diala 3 years ago

    It’s a pity that frivolous nonsense like this gets 2 million views. 

  • jkbezo 3 years ago

    I’m just now finding out about this through my brother via text message.

    So sorry about this, Indiana Pacers fans. I hope that Paul George
    eventually recovers from this horrific injury. He is a star on the rise.
    Good luck to him and the Pacers in the future. Get well George.

    From a San Antonio Spurs fan down here in San Antonio, Texas.

  • jay fairman 3 years ago

    Well I guess I’ll go learn how to play golf …

  • eklaber chorvah 3 years ago

    camera trick its fake look closer

  • Iputtjerryonmy back 3 years ago

    Omg that looks very painful how he not crying ?

  • Enon Dizon 3 years ago

    Anderson Silva vs Paul George. Career ending injury.

  • VaughnFryWillDie 3 years ago

    You don’t even want to be on the court same time as Derrick Rose.