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  • Basketball Clips HD 4 years ago

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  • equi nox 4 years ago

    …Pacers can win against big teams if they don’t use G. Hill, CJ Watson is
    far better than G. hill, and OKC can never win championship if R. Westbrook
    is their PG & K. Perkins is the center…. !

  • Daniel Hursey 4 years ago

    Oh no pacers won ….. Crap 

  • D Broski 4 years ago

    Stop making excuses Pacers won. done.

  • Orville Charles 4 years ago

    I’m a big Westbrook supporter and I usually defend him against all his
    naysayers, but THIS game, Russ played selfish. All he needed was a couple
    more plays where he was looking to set up some teammates and that would’ve
    been the difference. I hope he gets it together before the playoffs…

  • Nowell Kevin 4 years ago

    stfu noobs…. SPURS ALL THE WAY

  • Wilson Gibson 4 years ago

    Okc is going to the finals willing to bet big money on any d
    umby!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m from oklahoma I know they got it in the bag thisv year

  • johnnyXx4321 4 years ago

    2:41 HOW IN THE WORLD IS THAT A FOUL?!? Come on NBA.

  • BossManOG 4 years ago

    I think the thunder didnt play their all, they wanted indiana to win so if
    they went to the finals, they would have an easier time. I hate miami
    myself and would like to see someone else go so if its the pacers, thats

  • Basketball Clips HD 4 years ago