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  • zack zac 4 years ago

    Watkins for the 49ERS!

  • WayneP117 4 years ago

    I am not sure I have EVER, ever seen anyone with THAT much football speed,
    to only run a 4.43…..that isn’t slow, don’t get me wrong…but with the
    way he plays. U would swore he ran a 4.2 40.

  • 27RAIDERMAN 4 years ago

    Rather take Aaron Donald than Watkins. Watkins is good but tired of having
    us take him! 

  • Juan Guy 4 years ago

    Clowney, Manzeil, or Watkins are very real possibilities for the Raiders

  • Dennis Last 4 years ago

    reminds me of julio

  • trevor luna 4 years ago

    With the 5th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders select…Sammy
    Watkins, Wide Receiver, Clemson.

  • Eddie Kasady 4 years ago

    With 5th pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Oakland Raiders select….

  • WayneP117 4 years ago

    they should had included OB highlights

  • Us .Navy 4 years ago

    If he is available at number 4 the Browns will pick him.

  • Brandonn Boop 4 years ago

    He’s going to the rams obviously you idiots. Raiders wish they can get
    this, but there gms are too stupid so they’re gunna get a shit player as
    usual. Unless they’re smart, get bortles if he ain’t gone, or manziel even.
    Either way we won’t see you in playoffs next year as usual

  • chxmilan1 4 years ago

    This guy was the best wr in college so how in the hell was he open on many
    of these throws? I can’t imagine him being that open in the NFL but he
    might be that good at separation. I just thought I’d see a lot of double
    teams on this guy.

  • George Wright 4 years ago

    Tampaaaa! Baaaay!

  • Feyngs Rivera 4 years ago

    Raiders boyyyy

  • Ted Walker 4 years ago

    if he’s there at number 10. Lions need to take him. Hell, I’d trade up to
    get him. But I doubt he falls to 10. Mike Evans or M. Lee could be the
    pick. But I like Anthony Barr or Khalil Mack too. Nothing could be better
    than Watkins though and Detroit should do whatever it takes to get him.

  • Ramin Michaels 4 years ago


  • cody white 4 years ago

    Rams are getting Sammy, take that to the bank

  • Nick Saucier 4 years ago

    If the Saints had this guy today against seattle, we’d be on our way to the
    NFCCG. One physical playmaking WR away from a 2011 like offense.

  • MrCLCPRODUCTIONS 4 years ago

    Browns Get this kid!

  • BenTheB055 4 years ago

    Id be surprised if the rams dont take him, especially seeing how desperate
    they are to take a wide receiver

  • FatCitySaint 4 years ago

    Welcome to New Orleans Sammy! We will be trading up for you. ;)

  • Sempi10 4 years ago

    The Rams are in the perfect spot to take Watkins. They can trade down (not
    too far) and still grab him in the top 10. 

  • Travis Poteat 4 years ago

    Your crazy watkins will go top 3 most likley to the rams

  • Randy Daytona 4 years ago

    What a boss

  • Curtis John 4 years ago

    hope he comes to detroit

  • Marco D 4 years ago

    Speed kills – haha.