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  • zassounotsukushi 4 years ago

    for question at end: I don’t believe it does here, but people lying about
    their weight totally has the potential to bias the results. The bias can be
    systematically downward or upward completely due to cultural factors. His
    response is basically assumes that no cultural factors exist that would do
    that. I think the real reason for the quality of the data is because the
    love of data the baseball itself has, and officials held themselves to a
    moral standard to record it correctly.

  • Zach F 4 years ago

    Clearly, this can’t really be confirmed until they eliminate other causes

  • lennyhome 4 years ago

    Fatties are fat.

  • Malphar 4 years ago

    @mjkaelbling BMI stand for Body mass Index and it takes height in

  • mjkaelbling 4 years ago

    Presumably players got taller over time–this would screw with BMI given
    uneasiness about scaling effects in physical systems. What are the results
    when looking at players of given height? If you assume stable mortality,
    what exponent do you get for an “MLB Index” = mass / height ** exponent?

  • IzzyTheArtist 4 years ago

    Great study.

  • george orwell 4 years ago

    @Malphar lol?

  • RizingBlackSun 4 years ago

    I searched “1920′s all-decade team NFL” and this is all I got. -_____-

  • 1800iamsexy 4 years ago

    Steroids give you muscle, muscle gives you weight, weight increases your
    BMI. Thank you for wasting your time.

  • 11889music 4 years ago

    “Probably preaching to the choir.” ???? Did he just call everyone in the
    audience fat! WIN

  • Zach F 4 years ago

    @11889music no, preaching to the choir means that they already understand
    the concept. So it would be preaching to the choir to tell auto mechanics
    what a catalytic converter is or to tell environmentalist that emissions
    are bad.