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  • TennisHighlightsHD 4 years ago


  • perfectforehand 4 years ago

    Now we know how fake Federer’s dominance was from 2004-2007, until the
    likes of Djokovic and Nadal came along, who were beating Fed in his PRIME,
    they immensely improved their game to beat Fed along the years, Fed was too
    arrogant and hard headed to change his game, he thought it was enough to
    beat these guys, he’s disconnected from reality.

  • polychronio 4 years ago

    i can see djokovic has greek blood from his facial feature but mixed with
    slavic. thats why djokovic has a heart of a tiger.

  • polychronio 4 years ago

    novak’s serve is bad as nadal lol

  • diaa atif 4 years ago

    bravoooooooo novac >>>we need rolland and cincinati only

  • Ciaran Selva 4 years ago

    imo if nole plays his best and nadal plays his best djokovic will brush
    nadal aside,apart from clay where the advantage will go to nadal.

    as a murray fan it is obvious that djokovic is technically and tactically
    superior nadal.rafa only triumphs him mentally but if nole keeps his focus
    nadal will struggle to beat him.

    the whole match as like most of their matches even on clay are dominated by
    djokovic and nadal profits from stupid errors from him.

  • Paul Osborne 4 years ago

    Djokovic certainly looked like his focused self in this tournament. He has
    been in a bad mood since Roland Garros and often looked irritated and
    dejected. He let minor errors get to him. Once he hit Asia, things changed
    and the old relaxed, focused, positive Nole came back. He returned almost
    impossible shots to keep the upper hand. Nadal was off but still no match
    for Nole in this particular match.

  • nat200 4 years ago

    Novak is so HOT! I love him <3

  • JiraiyaSama86 4 years ago

    Interesting highlights. rafa looked like he was almost going to be able to
    solve nole again. Some interesting things he added to his patterns, and at
    the same time, getting to Nole’s subtle weaknesses proves to be a bit
    tough. it would be interesting to see if someone can consistently make that
    play against him in the future.

  • karthik a 4 years ago

    Novak since 2011 was always better than Rafa .He has not missed a tourament
    since 2010 and has perfomed consistently unlike Rafa who took 9 months off.
    It was obvious that novak was going to lose some focus

  • Cjdjeight 4 years ago

    Great champions both of them but I still think Rafa is better by a long
    shot. Novak is a great retriever but Rafa, he has that wonderful forehand.
    He didn’t play at his best here but when he is on, no one can beat him. We
    witnessed that during his run this year right up to the US Open – it is
    impressive. Love the way he can hit the ball with his back towards his
    opponent. Absolutely fantastic. He is an an amazing athlete. A knee that is
    not 100% and he did all that! Phenomenal Rafa!

  • ldjstudy 4 years ago

    Nadal sliced too much at his backhand, which put him in a great

  • daniel traviezo alegria 4 years ago


  • alex orlovic 4 years ago

    The best thing about Novak is that when he’s focused, he’s unstoppable, but
    when he’s not, he’s vulnerable to the max!! There is no between! That’s
    what makes a Serbian a Serbian!! Bravo Nole!

  • Gregorio Solis 4 years ago

    3:22 to 3:37 this is how a final is played

  • The8arber 4 years ago

    It was not a great match. Nadal made unusual unforced errors, especially on
    the forehand side. Played too aggressively at times. His serve was not
    reliable. Djokovic showed once again what a great defender he is. He can
    get balls back that noone else can control againt Nadal. He can handle
    Nadal’s shots better than most players. And above all – he can compete with
    him physically and mentally.

  • absalon herbert 4 years ago

    Funny how Nadal loses control when he plays against a true champion ,

  • Claudio Vera 4 years ago

    On this type of court it’s more likely to see Federer beating Nole rather
    than Rafa; he lacks of the weapons to do so on indoors since it’s too

  • Andi Chahyadi Hermawan 4 years ago

    nadal had no chance to beat djokovic on indoor hard court
    WTF has been significantly slower in favor of rafa’s game, but novak is
    also a master of slow court
    apparently, only players like Federer or Del potro can take a set from the
    Serbian in indoor

  • THEMETAPHY 4 years ago

    “I would LOVE too see a TRUE GRAND SLAM WINNER on the ATP FINALLY, ALL 4
    SLAMS IN THE SAME YEAR” :) Djoko looks promising. :)

  • hopy51 4 years ago

    Djokovic didn’t play any better than in the US Open final. The difference
    is Rafa’s game. In the US Open Djokovic had to wait 54 shots before Rafa
    made an error on important point. Here Rafa made 2 double faults in
    probably the most important game of the first set. And every 10+ shots
    rally=unforced error. And what happened to his serve? I know it’s harder
    for him to play indoors, but still it’s not an excuse for the double
    faults. Hope he will practice and return his US Open series form, because
    he will never win AO by playing like in the last few tournaments of 2013.

  • nepomucenoabelardo 4 years ago

    Nole is the best player in the world. When he’s focused no one can beat him

  • ooOTennis0oo 4 years ago

    Thanks for uploaded the match

  • jonathanwig80 4 years ago

    those slices of Nadal may look simple but are poisoned with heavy spin and
    swing and very difficult to return.

  • Johnny Ortega 4 years ago

    Estamos viviendo la era Djokovic.