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  • nadiainthesky 3 years ago

    Is this real? Chilled me to the bone.

  • Starius2 3 years ago

    What about men that can become victims too? Don’t ignore that fact like

  • R.J. Blain 3 years ago

    Brilliant ad creative. Absolutely brilliant. 

  • Derek Jay 3 years ago

    I’ve heard this happened for real. It’s damn brilliant.

  • Ben Hibben 3 years ago

    Brilliant ad creative. Absolutely brilliant. 

  • evony tree 3 years ago

    wow that was a great ad i didn’t understand it till the 911 operator
    did amazing 

  • Half the Sky Movement 3 years ago

    Watch this powerfully chilling domestic violence PSA to air during the
    first quarter of the NFL Super Bowl on February 1. http://bit.ly/1wyzJpl

    #nfl #superbowl #domesticviolence #vaw #gbv 

  • Tori Brooks 3 years ago

    Wow. What an impactful commercial. 

  • Katty Pierre 3 years ago

    This is powerful! Domestic violence is real!

  • Dawn Oliver 3 years ago

    This spot is based on a true story. http://klou.tt/15slm0jf53m37
    #nomoredomesticviolence #powerful 

  • Cynthia Bush 3 years ago


  • Kathryn Redd 3 years ago

    NFL debuts chilling anti-domestic violence Super Bowl PSA #nomore 

  • Melvin Squatter 3 years ago

    yall got 488k views but no likes or comments…

  • Wladislav 3 years ago

    This feels a bit long, I’m curious to see the 30s version.

  • Elaine Barlow 3 years ago

    *In particular, No More’s ad, which will likely be seen by millions this
    Sunday, highlights the difficulty many abuse victims have in safely
    speaking out against or even simply making another person aware of their
    abuse. It’s a good message to have out there during the game to such a wide
    audience, and especially considering the NFL’s recent history with the


  • Onlymarketingjobs.com 3 years ago

    The first-ever Super Bowl commercial addressing domestic violence and
    sexual assault – really well produced. #Superbowl #advert

  • Kathy Grigoleit 3 years ago

    Here’s one concern ..maybe at some point depending on dispatcher, they may
    just hang up before going as far as this one example did in this
    commercial, I can see some 911 dispatchers not always asking like this
    example did and would hang up.. Good commercial however if women try this
    doesn’t mean they’ll get a dispatcher will ask the right question ..

  • Olivia Falcone 3 years ago

    this is one of the most powerful and important commercials i’ve seen in i
    don’t know how long. I sincerely hope that it will become a jumping off
    point for future discussions, as well as the courage/power/boost
    what-have-you that people currently living through these circumstances need
    to reach out for help. Amazing!

  • Lon Waltenberger 3 years ago

    Finding this almost too good to be true: a Super Bowl PSA about ending
    domestic violence. Powerful stuff from #NoMore at http://www.NoMore.org.
    #DomesticViolence #SexualAssault #NFL #SuperBowl 

  • Michael Chwe 3 years ago

    Thank you for the ad. We should all work together to stop domestic
    violence and sexual assault.

  • FourThirteen 3 years ago

    I’ve heard this call before, it’s absolutely one of the scariest things I
    can imagine. Glad that it got out on the Super Bowl with so many people

  • Peter Horan 3 years ago

    Amazing… this is a real 911 call too, I saw the story on it on the news
    not too long ago… sometime in late 2014. 

  • Doug Camfield 3 years ago

    i am speechless and amazed at how clever both the lady and operator were.
    this is a fantastic commercial! 

  • Christine Morin 3 years ago

    Very smart, brave woman and very well trained officer. No More silence, No
    More “what if…” thank you

  • Carey Mercier 3 years ago

    Creative. Eye-opening. Hope No More’s TV spots start the conversation.