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  • Jacob Smith 4 years ago

    All NBA players now a days get knocked down and cry about it, wish it was
    back in 80s and 90s so people would get bunched and kicked etc

  • Dylan Singh 4 years ago

    i love how they completely ignore the fact that 15 pushed young for no

  • doncall medad 4 years ago

    notice how young only punches the two white dudes. but as soon as the two
    black dudes come he aint touching them.

  • HDxNatioN 4 years ago

    The announcer ” it wasn’t even that hard of a foul” fucking dumbass he
    fucking slapped him in the face on purpose 

  • WeFreestyleForever 4 years ago

    Listen to the announcer.. “What’s the issue young man?” The issue is that
    he intentionally fouled him by smacking him in the face. Body up, don’t
    smack a dude in the face on purpose. That is why. Idiot.

  • JermmHD 4 years ago

    This announcer is a fucking idiot 

  • D Smith 4 years ago

    Swaggy didn’t want it with the twins!

  • Lyle Hudson 4 years ago

    Also, look at how Young’s body twisted in mid-air from the contact.

  • WILLhypez 4 years ago

    No help from any of his teammates wtf. Especially Kaman fuck that ginger
    pussy. Standing there doing shit all. At least try to break it up. 

  • Tracy McGrady 4 years ago

    idiotic biased commentator “he didn’t even get fouled that hard” — it was
    a smack to his face in mid-air. Nick Young deserved to get ejected, the guy
    who fouled Nick Young also deserved to get ejected.

  • BigZeus175 4 years ago

    Literally none of his teammates helped him ellos mas putas

  • nappdound 4 years ago

    The teammates juss watched smh

  • Jose Reyes 4 years ago

    1:16 look at the cheerleader opening her mouth, must be force of habit.

  • Elijah Georges 4 years ago

    What a shitty team… How can you let your teammate basically get jumped
    like that? Lakers suck in two ways this year skill and heart…

  • Chris Epps 4 years ago

    Wtf he got pushed first.of course he gonna hit em why didn’t the other dude
    get kicked out the game 

  • Carlos Danger 4 years ago

    Nobody defended Nick Young because nobody likes Nick Young. Not a hard
    concept to grasp, except for maybe people who think Swaggy P is a cool

  • Edward Harmon 4 years ago

    thats a flagrant 2 on len… he didnt even play the ball.. he just threw 2
    hands in youngs face

  • David An 4 years ago

    “All alex len did is grab is shoulder” are you fucking shitting me? you
    biased white cracker ass cunts stfu and retire you fuckers

  • Kuah Hongyu 4 years ago

    Poor sun

  • Chris A 4 years ago

    Who the hell was that color commentator. That piece of shit should be
    announcing for a curling match. Get the fuck outta here. Nick young wouldnt
    retaliate the way he did dumbass

  • tiko lopez 4 years ago

    it was good the the team didn’t jump in cuz the lakers are in a big enough
    shit hole the players were on like 10 day contracts why risk it 

  • Marcus Felix 4 years ago

    Lol I don’t know what that announcer is talking about when he said was all
    he did was hit nick youngs shoulder.. no he got his face you can see it
    jerk back. How are you going to miss that even in slow motion. I’m even a
    heat fan and I’m saying this, also his teammates were no where.

  • Charlie Dang 4 years ago

    this announcer…stop being a biased asshole. That foul was straight to
    the head which knocked him off balance mid air.

  • Raymond Lau 4 years ago

    That announcer is such a douchy bitch, Nick Young should deck him in the
    throat. Not a hard foul at all.

  • Ximon Allen 4 years ago

    Ha the Morris twins one nice one angry