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  • cche16 3 years ago

    that emery fight was absolutely disgusting. if both guys want to go, fine
    but holtby said no multiple times & he attacked him. that’s a bitch move.
    the refs are a fucking joke. they should’ve stopped it from happening.

  • Hockey Highlights 3 years ago

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  • Ruben the scary purple bunny 3 years ago

    It’s funny how all of the Canadian players kicked the American players
    asses. America sucks ass

  • Danowsawa 3 years ago

    Leave it to the Flyers to be down 7-0 and still be delusional to think
    they’re tough shit.

  • Willverinerage 3 years ago

    Holtby wasn’t even fighting back, Ray Emery is a disgrace to

  • Ben Dover 3 years ago

    Man, Canadians really show how arrogant and self-righteous they are on
    hockey videos. Don’t let the Canadian stereotypes fool you. Canadian hockey
    fans are the biggest assholes on the planet. On another note, Props to
    Kessel for kicking flynns ass and trolling Scott. lol. He’s tied up with
    Clarkson and Kessel comes and spears him. haha. classic.

  • Danny Dressel 3 years ago

    Emrys a little faggot fuck. He thinks he’s sick but he fucking blows ass

  • Jonathan Shuffield 3 years ago

    I think Crawford would have kicked quicks ass if they were to fight

  • Ferner778 3 years ago

    all these dumb ass referees that won’t let them fight makes me laugh. These
    ref’s should be fired and never allowed to ref hockey again. this game is a
    violent game that also depends on the crowds money. stopping fights just
    makes the game boring especially two goalies that want to fight.

  • Eric Hartman 3 years ago

    The Leafs won their fights. Scott is a piece of shit. Of course he tries to
    jump Kessel. Kessel did end up winning his fight though. The Flyers won
    their fights too. 

  • Mann Barot 3 years ago

    Emry didn’t exactly win the fight holtby didn’t want to fight if he did he
    would’ve whooped Emry butt

  • Tbbyupthatsme99 3 years ago

    The emery and holtby was a joke. Seriously, he could have waited for him to
    get his gear off

  • Zenpai 3 years ago

    Emery got 29 penalty minutes in one bout. It still blows my mind.
    Leaving the crease (2), Instigation (2), Fighting (5), Misconduct (10),
    Game Misconduct (10).

  • Rusty Tunic 3 years ago

    I don’t understand the Leafs announcers cheering Kessel’s pussy antics of
    swinging his stick at Scott’s legs. Don’t they remember the McSorley
    incident? Using the stick as a weapon should be an auto 10 game

  • Eric Mayo 3 years ago

    Ray Emery beat holtby’s ASS!!! BROAD STREET BULLIES BABY!!!

  • Joe Ordonez 3 years ago

    hey im not a big hokey person but are these fights staged for ratings?
    someone told me it was, and I also saw a video on here where both hokey
    players were asking when they were supposed to fight and what shoulder pad
    they were going to grab and hold to throw punches.. just curious if anyone
    can inform me on this thanks

  • Patrick Kane 3 years ago

    Clifford got raped by Jimmy

  • Chris Saindon 3 years ago

    CRAWFORD! Quick needed to walk away man..

  • mrceebees14 3 years ago

    Fleury is yelling at the ref the whole time “stop the fight! Stop the
    fight!” Fleury, shit goalie, pussy

  • Alexander Kaye 3 years ago

    I’m sorry, but the Holtby vs. Emery fight was disgusting. It’s one thing if
    Holtby wants to go, but a totally different thing if he doesn’t. Also, what
    did the NHL do? Absolutely nothing.

  • MrsPaul 3 years ago

    Of course Emery’s a thug — he’s a Flyer. They’re all a bunch of damned
    dirty bastards.

  • miatuneaphish 3 years ago

    holy shit kessel actually fought XD

  • James Persing 3 years ago

    Holtby hasn’t been the same ever since.

  • kenneth petronis 3 years ago

    5 min. into the video and I have yet to see one fight between two
    goalies…WTF? really? come on man, I don’t want to see fluff or filler, I

  • Jeter Pena 3 years ago

    I love how at 5:58 when Scott goes after Kessel,3 Leafs players just triple
    team Scott.