NHL 14 Enforcer Engine Gameplay Trailer. Delivered in an action-packed 3rd-person presentation and powered by Fight Night Technology, the all-new Enforcer En…




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  • Peter Pulciani 3 years ago

    This “fight improvement” is just the same as NHL 13, they still only use
    the right arm to throw a punch and not the left arm, the only difference is
    it’s in 3d and they show the other players on the ice

  • John Smith 3 years ago

    Go to my YouTube channel to see what’s wrong with this game 

  • Keaton Munn 3 years ago

    I know The Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley cup this year

    Then I’ll Turn Off My PlayStation.

  • steelers19981 3 years ago

    They put the effort to do all this stuff but they cant put new faces for
    players in… I am guessing like 30% of the players in nhl 14 have real
    faces.. It’s really disappointing 

  • Rusty Wolf 3 years ago


  • Jacob Kief 3 years ago

    Don’t mess this up, Jay.

    Too late.

  • William Burgess 3 years ago

    as a die hard canadian hockey fan, i am not impressed , once in an while
    you will get an good fight no problem , happens but to put into an game,

  • SchmoesandJeremy 3 years ago

    this game is the definition of a joke, you dominate a fucking guy the
    entire game and they get the lucky fucking bounces. nice job EA

  • Bernie D3000 3 years ago

    for those who think that they gonna take fights out of the game…forget
    about it.

  • Drew T 3 years ago

    This is the best and most realistic hockey game I have ever played….and
    they finally have got the fighting system perfect

  • AngusArt Entertainment 3 years ago

    Has anyone had a line brawl in this game yet?

  • DisrespectfulRob 3 years ago

    Soccer avatar… perfect! lol

  • ejsoto54 3 years ago


  • Frederick S. Cairo II 3 years ago

    Go Jackets! 0:57 Boll is a great fighter! 1:13

  • Samuel Cote 3 years ago


  • bjohnson12787 3 years ago

    Dear Electronic Arts Sports, fix your game and update your rosters, a month
    without an update is unacceptable! 

  • will enright 3 years ago

    and the not so tough guys *pacioretty gets knocked out* well…

  • Jase King 3 years ago

    what if your teammate gets hit and you wanna be the enforcer? how do you do
    that in live the life ?

  • george w bush 3 years ago

    so far the most realistic fighting in a hockey video game. i was never a
    fan of the first person view in previous games.

  • Tyler Horbacio 3 years ago

    This is the most fun part of the game. Combined this with an enforcer D-man
    in Live the life.. it’s going to be nuts. Much better than pound each other
    in the face until you win.

  • Masaii Lemon 3 years ago

    why whats wrong with it?

  • TheGreatNoob JN 3 years ago

    is it out

  • spinedoc4U 3 years ago

    and black people don’t? Guess you didn’t see the Hawks rally after they won
    the cup. (btw…stop being racist, it sets up argumentative responses like

  • Ujjwal Adhikari 3 years ago

    @vukbjps yeah thats what everyones been saying BTW! this game is tight been
    playing all day >>> goo.gl7zSjsw

  • CodPK2 3 years ago

    I would get GTA V first.