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  • Jeremy Forczyk 3 years ago

    I always thought the 2004 Colts were one of the most overrated teams ever.
    Yes, they had a great offense, but it was never nearly as good when they
    were playing the top teams in the league, or even when they left their dome
    stadium. I remember they lost to the Patriots early that year, and twice
    the year before. Yet they, and the media tried to act like the Colts were
    gonna beat the Patriots in the playoffs that year. I wasn’t surprised at
    all when the Patriots whupped the Colts again in the playoffs that year.
    The Colts were strictly a finesse team, built mostly just to run up the
    score at home, against second rate opposition that year, that’s all.

  • comeonman89 3 years ago

    2004-2008, I miss those years of football

  • Nicholas Sanchez 3 years ago


  • ILoveGodsWord413 3 years ago

    These are great! Please keep these up!

  • ninersdd21 3 years ago

    Can’t believe this is 10 years old now

  • rxangeles28 3 years ago

    Music at 43:31?

  • TheAlfrulz 3 years ago

    13:01 – 13:14 ROFL. Wait what did you say coach? 13:11

  • Maurice Palmer 3 years ago

    25:21 crank the noise shame on you Atlanta.