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  • freya1968 4 years ago

    If I waas her I wouldnt ever show my face again …. especially at the
    school I just discraced

  • Rachel Harris 4 years ago

    There’s no excuse for her actions. She should be expelled ! In fact with
    these videos, the other girls could and should file lawsuits against her
    and the school (if nothing is done to her). Suspending her from playing,
    and practicing isn’t enough. That’s just ridiculous! What are we teaching
    our kids. “If we’re losing the game, strike out at our opponent?” Oh, and I
    did see the elbow strike. Suspension is warranted for her. But for Ms.
    Lambert, she took it to another level.

  • nolimitab 4 years ago

    well the punch in the back was coz the other girl elbowed her in the
    stomach and she did that on purpose see how she makes a fist while she’s
    about to elbow the other player..she deserves that punch fuck what they
    say…but the hair pulling wow now thats not nice at all thats nasty enven
    ugly dispicable move unworthy of being on the feild so violente but the
    elbow response lol thats a good one

  • insight994 4 years ago

    And I’m saying that, perhaps, if she had not retaliated in such a manner,
    she would not have overshadowed the other incidents and the other players
    would have gotten the boot and not her.

  • textomkat 4 years ago

    your way liz

  • Arthur Berry 4 years ago

    she a bully

  • callicutsurf 4 years ago

    so where are the refs? They must really suck…bad

  • greer1980 4 years ago

    I’m sort of shocked on why the coach or reg didn’t do anything about this.
    It was probably an aggresive game for both teams. But when a player crosses
    the line it should be the coach that steps in and does something about
    this. I mean hey she played till the end of the game. If that was one of my
    players I would of sat them on the bench to cool down. Or maybe the coach
    likes this type of gameplay or promotes it.

  • tyttebear 4 years ago

    Wow, that’s poor referieng. The fouls qualifies for three obvious red
    cards, and at least a couple of yellow ones, and she still where able to
    finish on the field!?

  • xXKingPintXx 4 years ago

    nice girl, i wanna fuck her really hard :D

  • SnikkyD 4 years ago

    People were saying she was provoked but still that’s the game and it
    doesn’t mean u should beat someone up …..haha but it was kinda funny the
    first time I watched it althought it always is when it’s not happening to u

  • cfidellmt 4 years ago

    Anger management, anyone? Geez!

  • yay78900 4 years ago

    my comment was about the bias and inaccuracy of the reporting, not the
    appropriateness of the actions being reported, which can not fairly be
    judged based on this report

  • Filbert Street 4 years ago

    typical americoons, always pulling hair.

  • kalboflyscot 4 years ago

    It won’t be too long until she gets a lifetime ban. Crazy bitch, keep that
    sort of stuff for your trailerpark.

  • tarantinie2000 4 years ago

    she is TOO fucking crazy!!!

  • feaverofhell 4 years ago

    wow, why would anybody do that? I mean, getting angry is fine, but thats
    going WAY to far.

  • 1thisbeme23 4 years ago

    That’s a big kitchen.

  • yay78900 4 years ago

    Typical pathetic and bias news reporting. There is no mention of #7 Carlee
    Payne elbowing Lambert in the stomach before she is punched in the back.
    And there is no mention of #21 Kassidy C. Shumway grabbing and pulling
    Lamberts pants before her hair is pulled. # 12 and #7 are the only two
    players from BYU involved in the other embellished incidents.

  • Ken Hagen 4 years ago

    her and that florida eye poking creep should get a room. good job ncaa end
    thier sports career, but let em stay in school

  • phock yu 4 years ago

    she should be in hockey

  • kekkai666 4 years ago

    Hmmm, nope. No matter how many times I watch this, it’s still funnier than
    flaming shit to someone’s doorstep.

  • kekkai666 4 years ago

    also, xXKingPintxX, I agree. This chick would be THE BOMB in the sack, but
    there’s always the possibility of waking up with your dick missing. Too bad
    really, ain’t it?

  • ratspt 4 years ago

    Dumb Slut…what she trying to prove? Hell babe you might as well in the
    bare fist ring..and quit wasting your time kicking balls around..lol

  • john farris 4 years ago

    BYU started this (with the elbow) and Lamber finished it…big-time. Same
    thing goes on in the NBA, NFL and to some extent in MLB, with pitchers
    throwing at opposing players, all the time. And to “tweekscratch”…elbows
    are “allowed? WTF? Yeah, right…just like blocking below the waist into a
    guy’s knee is allowed…ummm, no, no it’s not. Maybe Lamer should have
    shown more control…but I bet you BYU doesn’t start that crap again.