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  • ibleedcarolinablue 3 years ago

    Damn, Wilt Chamberlian looked like he could still go out there and dominate
    at his age! Dude was a physical freak of nature.

  • Fernando Cruz 3 years ago

    There is no way that Shaquille O Neal should be in that honorable list.

  • Andrew Wiggins 3 years ago

    sup niggas . yall dont fuck with me

  • SearchSagath 3 years ago

    Why did the crowd boo when Shaq was mentioned?

  • Jerome S 3 years ago

    3 New Names: Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan & LeBron James. Which 3 to take off?

  • Sergio Martín 3 years ago

    Awesome moment. I think Bryant, James, Wade, Kidd, Nash, Durant, Payton,
    Nowitzki, Garnett, Duncan and Iverson would be on an actualized list. I
    also think Dominique Wilkins should make the list. For the last, I think
    Oscar Robertson and Jerry Lucas should be announced as a Cincinnati Royals
    members, Tiny Archibald should be announced as a Kansas City Kings member
    (Sacramento Kings predecessors were snubbed) and Clyde Drexler should be
    announced as a Portland Trail-Blazers member and Wilt Chamberlain should be
    announced as a San Francisco Warriors member (or at least as a Philadelphia
    76ers member) because these players had played his better games with these

  • TheBasketballer212 3 years ago

    They have to make a separate 50 greatest because those guys are legends
    except for Scottie

  • wakeucla 3 years ago

    Where is Dominique Wilkins??

  • alan chan 3 years ago

    Where is allen iverson and Lou Hudson ?

  • Nicholas Christian 3 years ago

    Was this in order?

  • McAdoo was better than some of them.

  • yhbball28 3 years ago

    this list would REALLY need an update

  • Jay Cutz 3 years ago

    Got a challenge, who can come up with another 50 greatest players?

  • msw600 3 years ago

    See Kareems look on his face prior to being introduced lol.

  • Packers4sb 3 years ago

    I named every player in this video

  • Oldschool Wiz 3 years ago

    Wes Unseld is thrilled to be there

  • Daniel Clark 3 years ago

    If they would do this again TODAY… Kobe, Garnett, Duncan, and LeBron
    would all with out a doubt have to be added with 4 legends bumped off 

  • yaysinoquiero 3 years ago

    It was so touching when Wilt, Bill Russell and George Mikan were so well
    cheered, even though i didn’t see them play i’ll always admire them for how
    much they helped to form the game i love.

  • Jim Smith 3 years ago


  • Biff B 3 years ago

    Greatest since (top 10):
    Lebron, Kobe, Duncan, Iverson, Durant, Carmelo, Tony Parker, D-Wade, Dirk,

  • 45100DWade 3 years ago

    If you had to do the list today. Who would you add ? And you would you take
    out ?
    I feel like Kobe, Duncan, Dirk, Wilkins, Payton, Kemp (maybe LeBron) should
    be added.

  • aleksandrpondios 3 years ago

    This list was made in 1996,so no Kobe,Le Bron,even Iverson,but reading
    these comments I realize that 90% of them looking for Dominique Wilkins in
    this list,one of the greatest scorer ever,great rebounder and all-round
    player,one of the top-10,if not top 5 during the eighties.I would have Shaq
    out off this list,not Scottie(he had already won 4 titles),because he had
    only played 4 years.

  • JCMthebrand 3 years ago

    It’s the league’s doing that Connie Hawkins wasn’t chosen, they should have
    never banned him in the first place. He & Dominique Wilkins jump out as
    noticeable misses. Maybe Dumars too, it is what it is. But Joe D wouldn’t
    make a top 50 list now, that’s for sure lol

  • jimvo 3 years ago

    Bernard King not being on that list is an unforgivable travesty.

  • orahova kotorvaros 3 years ago

    Lol where is Drazen Petrovic