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  • MehmetAbi2000 3 years ago

    Shit Bulls

  • Raina Davis 3 years ago

    LeBron doesn’t play dirty Actually Kobe has alot of dirty plays and I can
    remember more than once when the announcers praised him for the plays

  • vvaannddaallll 3 years ago

    Westbrook, by far.

  • baller3994 3 years ago

    True but Curry has never started as a 2 guard in his entire life. He has
    always been a point guard.

  • Moore Wood 3 years ago


  • Lebron James 3 years ago

    # i have something to tell you guys Rose is my girlfriend.

  • thomas oikonomou 3 years ago

    fuck all miami….they play like little bitches…!!! go bulls!!! you can
    do it!!!

  • Corbin Daurice 3 years ago

    I hope Golden State advances. I’m so proud of Steph Curry and the team.

  • tyga heat 3 years ago

    Fuck New Jersey

  • Lebron James 3 years ago

    # fuck you Noah hard player ../..

  • Mrpaulojorge97 3 years ago

    sotp being delusiona the refs help you heat idiots alot

  • GeorgeFromTheJungle1 3 years ago

    LeBron doesn’t play dirty, he plays hard.

  • Austin Silva 3 years ago

    Noah is so ugly haha! He sucks! His jumper is so ugly! Tbh idk how he made
    it to the NBA he sucks!

  • Caleb Brown 3 years ago

    Lol at all the Bull Bandwagoners Cheering on the bulls since their Lakers
    and Clippers are out. Hhahaha

  • DoU EvenLift 3 years ago

    lol wtf ? the main thing an ACL injury is going to affect is athleticism
    which is why I said he’s not as explosive so the fact that shumpert can
    come back and play at the same level he could before doesn’t apply to Rose
    who plays a much more athletic game, and ok ? defense is one aspect, when
    Shumpert gets an MVP we can debate who’s better

  • TonE MaN 3 years ago

    Your team just lost by 40, you might want to relax.

  • kpLefty 3 years ago

    Curry is a two-guard. But he starts as a Point Guard.

  • Alex Rixon 3 years ago

    Although there’s many factors in Drose’s injury, he has a point. He’s weak

  • baller3994 3 years ago

    tell that to his 9 assists per game

  • 1983haters 3 years ago

    Lol hell yeah fuck spurs

  • ГРОБАРИ ПФК 3 years ago

    Hahahahaah BULLS XD

  • baller3994 3 years ago

    tell that to his 9 assists per game

  • MultiScienceMan 3 years ago

    He was cleared to play for about 5 damn months now. He couldn’t come back 1
    game and see how it feels? If he feels uneasy then get the fuck out and sit
    back on the bench like a pussy. Who says he can’t play at the highest
    level? He’s the fucking previous MVP, if he can’t play at the highest level
    after an entire year of working out and dedicating himself to only one
    purpose of coming back, he didn’t deserve the MVP. Kobe tore his Achilles,
    yet he’s aching to come back as soon as possible.

  • MultiScienceMan 3 years ago

    Hah, 7 billion? Muscle memory? What the fuck are you talking about? There
    are legends that are retire out there in the NBA that can still hit 20
    shots in a row. Just look at Jordan or Doc Rivers shooting around. They
    haven’t touched a ball in decades and can still school young kids. He’s
    been playing scrimmage with the rest of the Bulls for the past few months.
    HIS TEAMMATES ARE AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL. So if he can compete with NBA

  • beginner349 3 years ago

    U see bandwagons everywhere (sighzzz)