NBA Nightly Highlights: May 2nd

Get the quick scoop of highlights from an action packed Friday night of playoff play in the Daily Zap. About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional bas…
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  • PTR_Hero 4 years ago

    +any name You do know Vince is going to get fined for that flop on Kawhi
    right? He already got away with a travel for game 3. Series should have
    been over already.

  • James Anderson 4 years ago

    Blazers had so much officiating assistance. Rockets got screwed all series.
    Spurs are gonna rip rip city up.

  • Wise Teller 4 years ago

    Fuck, if brooklyn don go to round 2, there’s something wrong here.

  • jcnba28 4 years ago

    White kid, red shit lol 

  • Ashland Tilke 4 years ago

    And give the heat some credit for once in your fucking life. Why can no one
    appreciate a good team? Its like everyony who watches NBA is a conspiracy
    theorist and no team ever just played good to win. If all you do is bitch
    then stop watching. (AGAIN IM A KINGS FAN)

  • Mike Wallace 4 years ago

    LMMFAO!!!!!! Raptors SUCK!!!! Nets in 7!
    Spurs are shit! Mavericks will beat them tomorrow afternoon. Dirk is 4-0
    all time in his career in game 7′s. he will shit all over the Spurs.
    Blazers got LUCKY AF !!!!! Damian Lillard is an overrated fuck! Best PG in
    the NBA, MY ASS!

  • yooutubemoment 4 years ago

    NBA’s goal is to help Miami 3 peat. They are going to let the Raptors win
    in 7, at the same time tiring out the Pacers in 7, Wizards (lol). In the
    West, they are tiring out probably the most lethal to Miami (Spurs and
    Mavs) at the same time milking every West team, tiring them out except for
    Portland. Finals will be, Miami vs. Tired West Team

  • Secretlyme7824 4 years ago

    It really sucks to lose the way that Houston did.

  • captaindav78 4 years ago

    Portland win series 4-2 not 4-3 :o

  • ksPHE HD 4 years ago

    Gonna watch out what team will Howard be in next season. haha

  • DragonBlazer227 4 years ago

    Poor Rockets

  • Seljaman 4 years ago

    Not First.

  • Ashland Tilke 4 years ago

    How do you people enjoy NBA? Now I understand why I don’t have anyone to
    converse with about basketball, because no one likes the fans. I’m a kings
    fan and all I ever hear is some shit about tthe refs. Give a team some
    fucking credit. The refs aren’t tiring out the west that’s stupid its just
    competitive. The suns had nearly 50 wins and aren’t in the playoffs. The
    Pacers suck ass so stop bitching that the refs are cheating and raptors are
    3rd seed for a reason. They are amazing without Rudy gay.

  • guomaster 4 years ago

    Lin 1-6 down town. If he didn’t miss that much in 2nd half, esp wide open
    one in 3rd quater Houston would’ve won that one.

  • joshua lopez 4 years ago

    i feel bad for Houston…

  • Jordan Bridges 4 years ago

    Very heartbreaking loss for Houston..

  • Ill Ali 4 years ago

    i like the blazers but i also feel bad for houston while the trash east
    teams are still in the playoffs

  • Rex II ForSure 4 years ago

    I don’t understand why people say it’s wrong to go to the NBA before you
    get a degree in college. It’s all about the Benjamins man (i.e. money)

  • Dermatas Clutch 4 years ago

    lol its says that the blazers won 4-3

  • Geordie Lad16 4 years ago

    Now everyone, lets awkwardly look at Dwight’s bio on twitter.

  • MrPowInTheKisser 4 years ago

    I’m a Rockets fan but I gotta say that was a really good buzzer beater

  • Elliot Choi 4 years ago

    @Mikr Wallace get a life hating ass mothet fucker

  • 田中太郎 4 years ago


  • Zheng West 4 years ago

    0:52 Wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Portland wins series 4:2 please

  • Jonny Gotsis 4 years ago

    +gus huerta I think he’d make a decent coach