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  • ivan reyes 3 years ago

    Lakers get a 51 point quarter along with a win.. Next game saying that
    there is finally future hope for the Lakers, going against the Bucks…
    Loss. NAH! There’s no hope!

  • 19LloydBanks82 3 years ago

    The 76ers are a disgrace to the NBA. Adam Silver should ban them or
    something…what a pathetic team

  • Marcus Johansson 3 years ago

    I love it that Dallas can give Clippers/OKC a run for their money, just
    tire them out. Then new teams like Rockets/Blazers can have a great playoff
    run, I don’t care much for “lob city”, I mean…do we REALLY want to see
    them in a finals? Spurs is a more thrilling team, but hey that’s just me.

  • GroveStreetAsylum 3 years ago

    Philly is tanking at a different level. I think that they should be somehow
    reprimanded because they’re being too blatant with it. They don’t go after
    anyone in Free Agency (which is the usual tanking), They have their players
    sit when they can play (Noel, Jrich, MCW sometimes and to me, that’s the
    border for if they should be fined or something) but most of all that
    pushed them over that line, they traded two of their best players (Turner,
    Hawes) for nothing that they will see this season. That’s extreme tanking.

  • DeadmanNasser 3 years ago

    Congratz Philly on making History

  • Its24x 3 years ago

    So happy my bucks finally got a win today …. this moment is very rare
    trust me.

  • Luis Ramirez 3 years ago

    I honestly hope that the 76rs don’t get a high draft pick so it discourages
    the NBA team to tanking. I hate how terrible the playoffs are gonna be in
    the eastern conference.

  • grandwelder 3 years ago

    Messed around and got a triple double. Ice Cube, I like it

  • Eric Wang 3 years ago

    Did they fast forward? 

  • RennWickam 3 years ago

    95th viewer!

  • Brandon Park 3 years ago

    suns gonna drop 100 points in 1 half vs the knicks tmrw

  • Paris coke 3 years ago

    Lol who caught the ice cube reference he made

  • TheY2T 3 years ago

    Lakers, more hot and cold than tap water…

  • ksPHE HD 3 years ago

    Every season, there is always at least one team that sucks in their
    record.. Now it’s sixer’s turn. who will be the next? haha

  • Sand Scar 3 years ago

    Im glad Chris Paul had a great scoring night after having such a bad one
    just the night before 

  • Luis Ramirez 3 years ago


  • Wesley Gilmore 3 years ago

    I knew cp was gonna go off after yesterday’s performance

  • Luc van Loon 3 years ago

    I missed the Ice Cube reference, where is it?

  • Jomari Tongco 3 years ago

    I’m actually really first view comment and like!

  • Jaden Ramen 3 years ago

    I cannot believe lakers lost.

  • King Fawazz 3 years ago

    James Anderson terrnce Jones Jordan hill Brandon knight are all very
    underrated they should make a most underrated player of the year award lol
    hill was. Right you should play me more and Vince carter has been playing
    amazing and he can still dunk without getting a start amazing 

  • ricky bobby 3 years ago

    I kinda want the Sixers to lose tomorrow so they can break the record of
    the most losing streak in a row

  • atwal gill 3 years ago

    Loooool those 76 ers r fucked up. They r done. 

  • kabe ayofe 3 years ago

    “James Harden messed around and got a triple double” was that an Ice Cube

  • coopaing 3 years ago

    I guess It Was A Good Day for James Harden ;)