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  • Nguyen Chau Minh 3 years ago

    Spurs are on their revenge!!!! Go Spurs!!!

  • Oscar Gonzalez 3 years ago

    and people talk shit about old spurs..they ca give a clinic to how play
    baskeball to any team..Go spurs this is ball movement and so
    shoting shown down…

  • rax rising 3 years ago

    LeBron James is a special talent. He has so many accomplishments that Kobe
    Bryant and Michael Jordan will never achieve:

    1. Bronze 2006
    2. Bronze 2004
    3. NBA finals sweep 2007
    4. Go entire Finals scoring 20 pts only one time
    5. Quit on his team the year after he promises a championship
    6. Dunked on by a highschool kid and then confiscate tape
    7. Bail on the dunk contest 9 times
    8. Only able to win a ring with 2 superstars
    9. 7th best player in NBA finals series.
    10. Average 1.8 pts in the 4th quarter of NBA finals.
    11. Win .500 rings in 4 tries
    12. Host a national televised TV show to leave his team
    13. Play on the same team as his moms boyfriend
    14. Go 2 for 18 in an NBA playoff game.
    15. Get stuffed by a player under 6 feet (Nate Robinson)
    16. Flop every single game in the playoffs
    17. Choke 4 out of 5 finals games by dropping FG% by 18
    18. Vow revenge for 2007 sweep, then proceed to choke again

    Re-post, credits to the owner…

  • Ricardo Ricardo Maestre 3 years ago

    Arriba Ginóbli y Toní Parkér

  • Nico De Guzman 3 years ago

    its like theyre on their home floor the way they played

  • Kent Stark 3 years ago

    miami played pretty sloppy basketball XD

  • Shadofx 3 years ago

    Missed the highlight of Kawhi blocking Lebron..what an epic game..GSG!!

  • Matalai Lee 3 years ago

    yeah I agree “Kent Stark”

  • Takay Williams 3 years ago

    the effort by the guy at the end was inspiring 

  • Taylan Ertan 3 years ago

    Leonard really stepped up this match.