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  • Flint Given 3 years ago

    I actually see this passing by at least 25 teams even though I don’t like

  • kylejames0851 3 years ago

    I agree 100% with you. Cannot continue to put pressure on the refs,
    handcuff the players and slow down the game (with replays and flags). Play
    on NFL and GO HAWKS

  • MaidenBuffalo 3 years ago

    It was pretty much unanimous, 31-1 vote. The rule does not apply to short
    yardage and goal line situations. I personally don’t like the rule; it’s
    football and as you mention leaves just another judgement decision for the
    refs to make and I can’t imagine any consistency from game to game with
    this call and 15 yds is debilitating to a driving offense for something
    that’s done instinctively. Taking out the tuck rule and Schwartz rule is
    good for the game.