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  • Magic Mike 3 years ago

    hahahaha what a dick move at the end there… hey if you guys still need
    drivers for this hit me up. but if its just a friends thing or if im not
    able to join it then its all good:p

  • Magic Mike 3 years ago

    @MICHAEL24AZ yea i know what you mean this game was a bust:/ but i hope 12
    will be better

  • MegaHarvickFan29 3 years ago

    4:41 Tony Stewart poppin’ a wheelie :P

  • MrFondestAlex 3 years ago

    @MICHAEL24AZ We would add more people but the problem is, usually atleast
    12 people can connect to each other. When we have 16 it causes certain
    people to lag out of the race.

  • WindchargerPrime 3 years ago

    I’m so mad I lagged out with 6 laps of regulation time to go. God Dangit!
    If only you had 20 more feet you would have had him.

  • Kevin Cao 3 years ago

    Yeah I saw Revan’s vid and wes passed you below the yellow line

  • david alvarez 3 years ago

    yes world wide west did past you below the yellow line

  • Francisco Bacallao 3 years ago

    Man there’s a lot of fliping! It also has a 4-wide finish! 1. #22 2. #29 3.
    #88 4. #14

  • Burn The 3 years ago

    Id like to join, hit me up, Xbox gamer Tucker6900