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  • luchipunchi98 3 years ago

    who the fuck dislikes men??

  • Aaron Mason 3 years ago

    I really hope online and Bristol is way better than this in ntgil

  • XxTeam48LowesXx 3 years ago

    Wat a great race :D

  • Nascarprofan 3 years ago

    @MrFondestAlex Oh, I always get wrecked while i am leading ._. Controller
    or Steering Wheel?

  • CODCleveland 3 years ago

    im acually glad i missed it, thank god for subway :D

  • WhatiFRacing 3 years ago

    wow this lag was a b s o l u t e l y pathetic

  • MrFondestAlex 3 years ago

    @Nascarprofan Controller

  • Michael Sharp 3 years ago

    M gamer-tag is loftiestseven9 by the way so send me an invite MrFondestAlex.

  • MrFondestAlex 3 years ago

    @Nascarprofan They didn’t because he spun and I’m pretty sure he couldn’t
    control his car to let the leaders go by.

  • 48JJRules 3 years ago

    Why did u guys go under red flag

  • Nascarprofan 3 years ago

    @MrFondestAlex I use the Steering wheel, but i has a hard time braking into
    corners :P I hate bristol because of this video….

  • Michael Sharp 3 years ago

    The lags on the some of the controller games sucks that’s why you have to
    be super careful MrFondestAlex especially running into one of the others on
    the same racetrack because Bristol is a fast paced track in the real Nascar
    too because you have people spinning out of control all of the time that’s
    why you have to slow down in turns on the track because slamming the wall
    everytime is gonna leave marks on the car your driving but in my opinion I
    think the steering wheel would be better

  • Nascarprofan 3 years ago

    Awful… so have the penlized him for doing a gay move on the last lap?