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  • miguel carrillos 4 years ago

    Nascar is awesome

  • Henry hjj 4 years ago

    The man I feel bad for is Tony. He won. It was a unfair win and I bet if
    you he celebrated he would have to be a dick. Some people could be dead for
    all we know. and thats why I feel bad for tony.

  • Robert Simmons 4 years ago

    Nice! A moment after reporting that 6 spectators have traumatic injuries he
    comments about he we should be relieved that DP wasn’t involved in this!!

  • plutosorbitoutthere 4 years ago

    They talk about the driver that caused the crash as if he is guilty of
    something. Who gives a fuck. How many gallons of gas get wasted showing off
    how fast a car can go to out run a cop. I shit better sport.

  • waffles220 4 years ago

    Shut the fuck up you little nine year old faggot. You fuckin still watch
    spongebob. That proves that you still suck on your moms tits. Ive been
    watching nascar for 13 years and im 17.

  • MidLEast Neenja 4 years ago

    “If it bleeds, then it leads”. These assclowns at these news corporations
    honestly don’t give a shit about Motorsports nor do they know anything
    about it. Keselowski said it best on twitter, if they need facts ask the
    drivers themselves instead making up some bogus shit to pull in viewers.
    It’s not the drivers fault, no one is at fault. It’s just a product of
    racing and its unpredictable.

  • nascar55547 4 years ago


  • WakeEffectz 4 years ago

    being in the stands should not put you at risk. thats fucked up to say

  • Chris Barnaby 4 years ago

    Ridiculous… people KNOW they may crash. The driver is driving crashes
    happen. Being the stands is your personal choice of risk.

  • TheGymWarrior 4 years ago

    Final destination…it’s real!

  • waffles220 4 years ago

    shut the fuck up. you dont know shit about this sport

  • ohbobsaget22 4 years ago

    THIS, coming from someone who has a username that a 2 year old could make up

  • Brandyn Henry 4 years ago

    They usually do if not always, hell baseball and hockey tickets do as well.
    None of the contractual bullshit matters when there’s an agenda to be
    passed and ratings to be had though.

  • harataikiphilosopher 4 years ago

    I dont know about the states but in the UK our motorsport tickets have a
    little logo on them that says “Motorsports is dangerous”. Its common sense
    to realize that if you stand close to fast moving vehicles and they collide
    with each other that you are possibly standing in the path of the damage.
    if you don’t want to risk it, watch it on TV or watch Golf. be thankful
    that watching NASCAR isn’t like watching Group B Rallying in 1980s Portugal!

  • Mr.Dr person 4 years ago

    the final destenation

  • southport97 4 years ago

    Dumb Rednecks sitting in those stands.

  • soilfit 4 years ago

    humans will pay the price for a winner

  • OmarTheGuy 4 years ago

    Final Destination 4!!

  • Enrique Veliz 4 years ago

    Man.. That linzie ..freaking HAWTTTT!!

  • cscottmitts 4 years ago

    God, there abc newscasters have no idea what the hell they are talking

  • terransage 4 years ago

    Not quite. That was the theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate section of
    the stands.

  • Stephen Delafosse 4 years ago

    it nascar what r u going to expect when there is a wreck get over people.

  • david nascar 4 years ago


  • david nascar 4 years ago

    Huge crash at Daytona, car flies into the fence, debris flies into the
    grand stands, people are injured, some severely, but thank God Danica was
    involved! ABC, stop having dumb reporters talk about NASCAR, forever…

  • Rahde 4 years ago

    Lol @ the shoulder pads on this bitch