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  • Nitephall 3 years ago

    It’s funny how these dumb-ass drivers always have excuses for the stupid
    shit they do. It’s obvious Newman wanted to spin him out but it backfired
    on him. What good is it be aggressive if you end up with a destroyed

  • Michael White 3 years ago

    i for one would not pick a fight with Ryan Newman.this one was all on
    Ryan’s fault.but i would not want to fight with him, 

  • Ryan Loring 3 years ago

    Again, “fight”. NASCAR, do you know what the hell a fight actually is?

  • คภGєl ❤ єYєϟ 3 years ago

    Ryan Newman is a poor driver who hasn’t won anything
    He gets a lot of poles and fails to convert any of them into wins
    Plus he has anger issues…hes a moron I cant believe he still has a ride

  • bluowl62 3 years ago

    That was uncalled for what ryan did to david. I hope david and his 38 team
    get a win soon

  • Jason Barrett 3 years ago

    Gilliland is at fault. When Newman’s car broke the plane and was on his
    quarter panel, they say “car low” that means don’t go low.

  • gubba bump 3 years ago

    I’m glad everyone is ok after that “fight”

  • Jason Barrett 3 years ago

    Who sits outside their house and listens to games on their radio anymore? 

  • NASCAR 3 years ago

    Things get heated between Ryan Newman and David Gilliland!


  • GeneralMills66 3 years ago

    Title of video is misleading

  • survivrs 3 years ago

    Well wasn’t THAT just the most physical fight I ever witnessed. I’m
    shuddering from it. I get more excited watching the grass grow. From the
    title, I thought I would see at least one fist fly. wow….. . . . .

  • Molli Hazelton 3 years ago

    Will people just shut up about how this isn’t a fight…Were you expecting
    WWE style fighting or what? I guess they should have used a word like
    “altercation”…but drivers normally don’t attack eachother, and if they
    do, it’s pretty interesting to watch them do it (like..Kevin Harvick and
    Kyle Busch.) It was a verbal fight, and no, we won’t ever probably see a
    fight like Bowyer/Gordon…I mean, I was on my feet when this happened, so
    I guess the people complaining that it’s not a “fight” are probably people
    who just watch crashes and fights…

  • PowerMagika 3 years ago

    “Tempers boil over, on a hot day in Dover.”

  • Enrique Veliz 3 years ago

    How is this still on YouTube? This fight is so brutal… heaven have mercy.

  • enuffsanuff 3 years ago

    so where’s the fight?

  • Karl Martin 3 years ago

    Come on! This is not a fight!! You should have written: “Newman and
    Gilliland talking to each other after crash!” haha LOL

  • Marco Flores 3 years ago

    Cryan Newman 

  • Nathaniel Robinson 3 years ago

    How is this a fight? They were just talking to each other, sure it was a
    little bit heated but it aint no fight.

  • Eric B 3 years ago

    Fight? No. Just NA$CAR trying to get more views for advertising dollars.

  • BILL SMITH 3 years ago


  • Eric B 3 years ago

    1:04 two huge fat fucks in the way.

  • Dean Lickerbelly 3 years ago

    if it was tony who bumped someone, mike joy would suck off tony and say it
    was ok for tony to do.

  • Adrian Arroyo 3 years ago

    Fucken stupid ass shit this aint no fight

  • ShotgunDolphin 3 years ago

    I love how they were pissed and still took off their helmets when they went
    after each other.

  • Patrice Leroux 3 years ago

    Why do you write that they fight if they dont?? They dosen’t even touch
    themselves ive never seen a wrong description like that for a video