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  • BlackRose rosales 3 years ago

    is this an online game or what

  • canadiancatgreen 3 years ago

    so how does this copare to Nascar Racing and Nascar Racing 2 is it better?
    I had both and loved them and really would still play them now
    Sierra/Papyrus made the best NASCAR/Indy Car games EA Sports izs the best
    in Hockey and other sports but these games are better than the EA Sports
    racing ones

  • redracer1985 3 years ago

    If this was scanner talk, you’d be as funny as the Busch Brothers

  • NascarNixon 3 years ago

    Personally, I think NASCAR Racing 2 is better. With that game, you have
    real decals that you can use in the paint booth and the cars are easier to
    drive. The cars in NASCAR Racing 3 are always loose, no matter what
    adjustments you make. You are constantly sliding around, on the edge of
    control. However, hardly anyone is making carsets for NASCAR Racing 2.

  • Michael Taylor 3 years ago

    How do you get the cars into the game? I’ve had this game forever, and
    never knew how.

  • 0110crazyman 3 years ago

    can you give me a link to the cars?? Thanks

  • NascarNixon 3 years ago

    @TheAvenger245: Thank you for providing those awesome carsets. Hardly
    anyone is making paint schemes for NASCAR Racing 3 these days.

  • Elliot Jones 3 years ago

    “Holy Crap, There went the 66 car” LOL.

  • canadiancatgreen 3 years ago

    ok thanks yea Nascar 2 was a great game I had made a bunch of cars that had
    many members of the family including our cats and even some friends they
    were all AI cars but neat to race them all the. I think I had a whole set
    of my own drivers to use thanks for the feedback

  • ThundertheDragon 3 years ago

    how do you make them crash? that never seems to happen for me…

  • gamewiz71 3 years ago

    its F10 just for clarification

  • NascarNixon 3 years ago

    You guys make some seriously quality schemes. Glad you are keeping NASCAR
    Racing 3 alive.

  • Sean English 3 years ago

    Nice vid! It’s great to see my paints in action! I see you used the 2009
    Retro set, as well as the 2010 fictional set… looks good!

  • NascarNixon 3 years ago

    Either F10 or F11. Been a while since I last played,

  • Acrokidflyer098 3 years ago

    You have a pretty cool car. Never knew you played Sim Racing games. What do
    you use to record?

  • NascarNixon 3 years ago

    @KingCuervo88: I use the keyboard to drive. I had the recorder set right in
    front of the keyboard. Me pressing keys is what you were hearing.

  • NascarNixon 3 years ago


  • Christopher Powers 3 years ago

    Stumbled across this video while watching your NASCAR Nonsense videos. Very
    nice to see some of my paints in there aswell. Just from that video, I see
    several cars from my Sirius Pro Cup Series sets. Always nice to see someone
    enjoying my work :) Hope to have my 2012 installment done soon.

  • ThundertheDragon 3 years ago

    how do you make the cpu cars crash?

  • 0110crazyman 3 years ago

    If you have Windows, what type of Windows were you running with this game?

  • PSPonlineGAM3R 3 years ago

    how do u change ur view in game?

  • NascarNixon 3 years ago

    @Acrokidflyer098: Fraps

  • Hendrickfan54 3 years ago

    lol u should see me if i get wrecked by an AI i wreck them under caution

  • ssjblueyoshifan 3 years ago

    “on board the 9 driving down into the corner and oh shit” haha thats

  • CruisnUSA64 3 years ago

    You should do another one of these videos..