Professional drivers may be able to offer insight into everyday collisions. For more:…
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  • Lacinda Dotson 4 years ago

    Caution is out big huge wreck tony Stewart took blame for this caution

  • pat02537 4 years ago

    Most of the advice had to deal with anticipating problems, etc… Pretty
    much driver’s ed stuff.

  • N0616JC Productions 4 years ago

    Thanks alot man.

  • blackriflex39 4 years ago

    best lesson here idiots on the track (tony stewart) are just as deadly on
    the highway ppl dont be selfish and think of the other driver before you
    pull something stupid..

  • lolzinjo12 4 years ago


  • probably best advice NASCAR can give us — drive slow and carefully!

  • Testafyer2 4 years ago


  • blackriflex39 4 years ago

    i bet you are a tony fan andd just like him your arogant enough to think
    your right lmao clown

  • LUFFY -M- 4 years ago

    200 ميل كان ماشي طار مثل الورقه ههههههههههه

  • wimpman94 4 years ago

    He is right dumbass Im a huge Stewart fan and after watching this replay
    many times i could tell he didnt mean to cut him off like that. Your the
    ignorant one, you should check your facts before you post a stupid comment
    like that

  • skankuser 4 years ago

    Fucking retards. Do people wear helmets in their every day commute? Do they
    have roll cages in their car? Are they wearing HANS devices? Are there
    SAFER barriers lining the highways? Once again, ABC News being a bunch of
    retards. They’re a far cry from the days of Peter Jennings. What a joke of
    a story. By the way, that wreck wasn’t shit compared to the crashes at
    Talladega and Daytona in the ’90s. Horrific isn’t even the word.

  • pat02537 4 years ago

    The driver of the last NASCAR car in the video (the one that didn’t crash)
    is Jeff Gordon. Confusion be gone!

  • Jeromy Taylor 4 years ago


  • MyNameisL39 4 years ago

    (2/2) they are still going 200 mph, and they have been trained their whole
    lifes to race NASCAR and they do anything to win. Its kind of like an NFL
    quarterback throwing a hail mary in the Super Bowl in the 4th quarter on
    4th down with seconds to go. The reason that Tony crossed in front of the
    55 was that he wanted to get a bump draft from him andthat gives the car
    extra speed. All your arguments have been denied.

  • N0616JC Productions 4 years ago

    Um… is this a Half Life reference? Or….

  • camdog124 4 years ago

    wtf man

  • Trenton Worsham 4 years ago

    on a side note. Love your profile pic!! Not many metalcore/hardcore fans i
    know like nascar!

  • N0616JC Productions 4 years ago

    Then I’m going to be confused.

  • wimpman94 4 years ago

    Thanks man! I’m the only person I know that likes metalcore and NASCAR to
    be honest lol it’s a weird contradiction for some people

  • Warriorcats24 4 years ago

    not at all! XD

  • MyNameisL39 4 years ago

    (1/2) Wow man, you probably dont watch nascar at all. He was racing for the
    win on the final lap in the midst of NASCAR’s playoffs. He made one little
    mis judgement as the 55 (the blue car) and 13 (the green, white and blue
    car before the 55) were going 10 mph faster than it. If you still dont
    understand that these are some of the best drivers ever in the world (Tony
    Stewart was the Indianapolis500 rookie of the year, and has 3 NASCAR
    championships, including last year),

  • valhala56 4 years ago

    Stupid ABCNews, Nascar drivers have Crash helmets, Roll Bars, 5 point seat
    belts-not some damn lap belt and much more. So yeah Nascar drivers are
    going to do much better in pileup then us on the interstate especialy with
    people chatting and txting on their cell phones.

  • ihmisen jumala 4 years ago

    i just turn left…. oh i turn too much for left and i just crashed and
    others too

  • demonik200 4 years ago

    lol what a useless news report

  • Warriorcats24 4 years ago

    and this, kids, is why Gordon made it out