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  • D chaffin 4 years ago

    NASCAR owns both Daytona and Tallageda. Note International Speedway
    Corporation is the France family owners and operators of NASCAR since day
    1.NASCAR should cut the banks at both tracks elimaning the need for plate
    racing. You have to admire Jr becasue he basically took himself out of the
    car. He was cleared after the Tallageda wreck and could have kept quiet and
    raced.See part 2.

  • Cole Fralick 4 years ago

    Even though I’m a jr fan I’ll root for Jeff since he’s my 2nd fav

  • ThatJoshGuy327 4 years ago

    I find it relatively ironic that in the video where I said “Oh big wrecks
    with flips never happen in the COT!” that Tony Stewart goes on his side the
    race after that. Bad omen on my part. Although I am not a Dale Jr. fan in
    the slightest, I do feel as though this will impact NASCAR simply because
    he is the most popular driver. It’s like in hockey, how Sidney Crosby
    received a concussion and now all the sudden the NHL is all
    concussion-prevention crazy. This will cause more safety reform I’m sure

  • MrCodegiveaway 4 years ago

    he didn’t hit hard

  • MrSnowrocks 4 years ago

    Also, there are concussions in the NFL and they can’t do anything about it
    because it comes with the territory, same goes here. You signed your
    contract knowing that it might be your death certificate. I remember when
    Dan Wheldon died, people didn’t understand that when you climb into your
    race car, you know it may be the last time.

  • 24Camshaft24 4 years ago

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if Dale Jr never steps into a racecar again” –
    Brad Daugherty Woah

  • kensethfreak 4 years ago

    Is somebody going to replace him in the 88? or is hendrick going to not run
    the 88?

  • 24Camshaft24 4 years ago

    You bring up a pretty good point. NASCAR will never leave those two tracks
    with the France family still in control. They couldnt afford to, even if it
    kills more drivers. They’re the crown jewels of NASCAR. Huge revenues,
    viewerships, ratings. NASCAR is a business, and they could not afford to
    lose the two tracks

  • 24Camshaft24 4 years ago

    He wasn’t knocked unconcious, it just rattled his brain a little, he could
    still function

  • JGLUBBER24 4 years ago

    Shit happens. We didn’t stop plate-racing when sr died. Why should we now?
    No, we keep going to plate tracks.

  • TheMrtgamer 4 years ago

    Well, he gained a concussion 5 weeks ago in Kansas… CARRY ON OUR WAYWARD

  • D chaffin 4 years ago

    I don’t want to leave either track. I suggest cutting the banking down to
    20-24 degrees much like Atlanta or Charlotte. Unrestricted should be in the
    190′s and cars can get away from each other. There will always be wrecks in
    racing but this would help with not having so may “big one” wrecks.

  • kensethfreak 4 years ago

    #thatawkwardmomentwhen somebody else is in the 88. It’ll be a hell of a lot
    different, but i think jr fans would like to see the 88 in victory lane
    again, whether it’s jr or not

  • TheCgt671 4 years ago

    Im rooting for Gordon. He’s been really good lately. Since his win at
    Pocono, he at last has 4-5 Top 5′s.

  • kamma333444 4 years ago

    It’s the nature of the beast of racing 200 mph. They can do all they can to
    prevent things, but it won’t eliminate everything, so that everyone is

  • nascarA24 4 years ago

    He got the concussion after a kansas goodyear tire test crash…but this
    talladega crash just made it come back

  • 24Camshaft24 4 years ago

    lmfao thanks. I just got home and have changed it to something a little
    less weird :P Not many flattering choices for this one xD

  • 24Camshaft24 4 years ago

    According to Nascar’s website, Regan Smith will be driving the 88, AJ
    Almendinger will drive the 51, and Kurt has moved to the 78 lol

  • HendrickFan2488548 4 years ago

    I heard that Junior had the concussion after his Kansas test but it was
    undiagnosed. I believe driving a car at 200 mph will never be completely
    safe and this is a clear reminder of that.

  • 24Camshaft24 4 years ago

    haha thanks! I didn’t even realize he was in the frame :P And hopefully
    Regan has better luck next week!

  • Chives5150 4 years ago

    What an opportunity for Regan to be in some decent equipment. I hope he
    does great. Also, according to Jayski, Allmendinger will now be in the #51.
    And one last thing… cute dog! :D

  • R3mix 4 years ago

    we all know that racing is a dangerous sport, but lets face it, all of us
    are always looking forward to plate races. wihout them there would be less
    to look forward to and also no superspeedway season opener that we all love

  • Larrell Lewis 4 years ago

    Nascar is always gonna be a dangerous sport but about Daytona and Talladega
    and pack racing it would stupid for NASCAR to take those tracks away
    because those are the two tracks the fans love the most so i know i may be
    in the minority on this maybe they should bring the tandem racing back

  • MrSnowrocks 4 years ago

    It wasn’t the wreck that caused the concussion, he got it in a tire test at
    Kansas weeks back. When he got in the wreck at Dega, it made the symptoms
    worse. So he had a concussion all along.

  • cameron23231 4 years ago

    true it wasnt just from the talladega crash