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  • SherwinGooch 4 years ago

    Bread & circuses, and charriot races. Who will fiddle while New York burns?
    “They have no bread? Let them eat cake.”

  • Elle N. 4 years ago

    Why Thank you Gary, Love your videos and your great words of wisdom

  • Elle N. 4 years ago

    I have the fastest car in the race I’m feeling confident. I’m going to stop
    being to careful and just make things happen. In the past I’d pull out and
    shuffle back all because my nature is to be fair instead of trying to hold
    position. I’ve been overly self-concious about being fair. I don’t expect
    to be pulling out and shuffling to the back like other times. I hope to be
    behaving more aggressively.

  • Gary Larrabee 4 years ago

    Danica, Thank you for your comment. You have the respect of racing fans
    world wide because of your racing spirit of being on the extreme edge of a
    very competitive spirit. Follow your spirit knowing the limits by your
    spiritual, mental and physical preparation to be the best you can be in all
    you do. Your words and actions show class and integrity. God Bless you,