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  • NASCAR 4 years ago

    Kyle Busch finds the wall during qualifying


  • mau88ize 4 years ago

    all the people who hate kyle busch kiss my ass idiots

  • Trevor Yates 4 years ago


  • 1018nieto 4 years ago

    Bad qualfing for u KYLE

  • Karen Hinkle 4 years ago

    Yeah Kyle is A rebel without A cause! ;*)

  • Eric Stamp 4 years ago

    Well, let’s take Sunday’s Kansas race for example. He wrecks himself twice
    in the same race and says “people are out to get the 18″. I get what your
    saying, and yes, it has gotten better, but I still can’t stand it. He can’t
    take the blame for something that is his fault or was obviously a mistake
    he made. watch any video where he crashes by himself, he either blames the
    car or track, but can’t just say that he made a mistake. it’s those things
    I can’t stand about him.

  • Mark hondacivic 4 years ago

    What’s bad about his attitude? It’s gotten better in years. I haven’t heard
    him say anything bad or do something really bad since he wrecked Hornaday.
    That is just me though

  • Andrew rumley 4 years ago

    and the crowd goes wild!!!!!!!!!!!!! he could’ve just qualified the car
    just the way it was!!!!

  • unionpacific4532 4 years ago

    so, you got your license back, Patrick?

  • Chris Molyneaux 4 years ago

    He’s a damn good driver. But his attitude and ego just destroys his

  • Penny wise 4 years ago

    You ever wrecked going that fast? I was never a fan of Kyle but I am now.
    The dude has grown up in my opinion.

  • MrThedriftking 4 years ago

    As soon as he hit the wall the crowd went wild

  • MegaSlickdude 4 years ago

    now that just has to happen in the race itself, and has to collect johnson
    along with him

  • ThaJrad97 4 years ago

    Shut up, keep your opinions to yourself. And I’m pretty sure you’re a
    fanboy as well of a driver. Who cares if he goes for Jimmie Johnson.

  • Trent Bradford 4 years ago

    Every time he wrecks, he starts fussing. Grow up Kyle……

  • Zach Onwona 4 years ago

    Yay he wreaked

  • McLovin 4 years ago

    Hopefully he crashes again in the race

  • horsesboy 4 years ago

    Um don’t you have to save it for it to be a save. That was a wreck calling
    it anything else is just silly.

  • Scotty Clark 4 years ago

    how’s he riping them off even he’s not goin for points in there he can get
    point for Joe Gibbs Racing so boom

  • Alec Beaudoin 4 years ago

    Could watch this all day.

  • Sgt. Kyle 4 years ago

    Also the crowd was happy when cheating JJ got wrecked by Burger King.

  • zach tompkins 4 years ago

    Listen to the crowd cheering haha

  • ChicagoBlackhawkFan6 4 years ago

    i saw a wreck in the same spot before kyle there was oil

  • Eric Stamp 4 years ago

    It’s not that I don’t respect that he shows his emotions, it’s the fact
    that he is just plan rude and can’t take the blame in MOST situations, for
    example, kansas, he started going on about how the car wouldn’t hook up
    then started blaming the track and how it’s slick when he can’t man up and
    say I got lose and just plain spun, my bad. and he only shows his emotion
    behind the wheel or a mic, face to face it all comes back to bite him.

  • Aaron Gadberry 4 years ago

    go boys