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  • WiiCraftTech 3 years ago


  • Ishmail McGee 3 years ago

    Im sick of seeing Brad, Kyle and Joey winning on Saturday, If I wanted to
    see them win, Id watch them on Sunday. I basically lost all hope on this
    series. 2012 was a great year besides Joey winning all those races. 

  • alancavygaming 3 years ago


  • SilverPwns 3 years ago

    FIRST VEGAS WIN!! Congrats, Keselowski!!

  • BLUExEYEDxSLICKT 3 years ago

    The fact had Jr had half a lap more fuel he did not have the car to beat
    Jr. Period! He knew it and Jr knew it. Jr was off the throttle a ton to try
    and save fuel while brad was able to run full throttle and Jr could pull
    away at will when he wanted but didn’t have enough gas to make it full
    throttle to that checker. Sputtered across the line. Sad to see for a 2nd
    time in his career this has happen to him. At the charlotte track and now
    at vegas. Oh well Jr brought it home 2nd and thats a 1st, 2nd and another
    2nd and still the points leader. Jr is running strong. He had the best car
    today at the end and had that fuel lasted he would’ve won it. Another win
    thats got away. It sucks but on to bristal we go 

  • WiiCraftTech 3 years ago

    nascar = no listen to fans with gay excuses

  • inVAINwetrust 3 years ago

    Only the best drivers win heck yea YOUR FORMER NW & SPRINT CUP CHAMP 

  • outback1424 3 years ago

    Restrict them to a certain number of NNS races, it’s boring as hell

  • Will Duran 3 years ago

    I’m also tired seeing these drivers going to the nationwide series stay in
    the cup side Kyle brad and Joey this series is only for the young guns
    coming in.

  • James Clawson 3 years ago

    The only reason he won was because Dale Jr run out of gas

  • fordboy85 3 years ago

    Great run, really enjoyed the race.

  • Infidelhere 3 years ago

    Way to go Kski

  • James Clawson 3 years ago


  • Monstar Johnny 3 years ago

    fucking tard at fremont street

  • Tristan Fowlkes 3 years ago


  • Dana Chappell 3 years ago

    I thought NASCAR was gonna reevaluate Cup guys coming into the lower
    series? Guess that’ll be next year. Another lost, bs season for

  • Dana Chappell 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t have such an issue with Cup guys coming down if they weren’t
    winning all the time. Any longtime NASCAR fan remembers when the best Cup
    guys came down to the then Busch series and weren’t the best in the field.
    Even when Harvick and Biffle moved to Cup and started coming down to the
    now Nationwide series, the Nationwide regulars were tough to beat. Now,
    they can barely hang. Either the Nationwide talent is THAT bad or they’re
    just getting lesser equipment, but something must be done.

  • ehrinn2009 3 years ago

    NASCAR fans don’t say ” tru dat”