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  • Subaru ForesterXT 3 years ago


  • Weregonnalose 3 years ago

    oh really?

  • IllPhaQL8R 3 years ago

    What about my name? It’s a joke from when I was in high school which I
    can’t change now. What makes you think that I like Call of Duty if I’m on a
    NASCAR video? In any case, you’re wrong. This video showed up in my
    suggestions so I clicked on it. Turns out that was a big mistake. By the
    way, learn how to use the reply button and not act like a stereotyping

  • xUntamed BadKidx 3 years ago

    Saw the title thinking this will be funny, his excuse is gonna be like
    there is too many lammas on the road, then i realised it was someones name

  • IllPhaQL8R 3 years ago

    Um…No I’m not. I know what it is and it’s just beyond comprehension how
    someone could ruin up to 15 other people’s time like this. In Call of Duty
    you might be able to mess around with 1 person. But in a game like this,
    bringing out caution after caution is just stupid beyond belief.

  • JoeltCola734 3 years ago

    Alright harry, I’m droppin’ the hammer.

  • geepgeep567 3 years ago

    @IllPhaQL8R So playing NASCAR is something better to do with their time,
    you’re saying? Lol. Go crack a Budweiser and plow your sister you redneck

  • Weregonnalose 3 years ago

    Thanks for watching man :)

  • Sethchenco123 3 years ago

    OMG I cant get away from watching your videos. Your are the best MW2losers!

  • NinaK9600 3 years ago

    Congrats, your Youtube famous:)

  • TheLettermanJacket 3 years ago

    Being a jackass for the sake of being a jackass is called “Trolling”……

  • IllPhaQL8R 3 years ago

    What? I’m saying it is pretty pathetic if this is what people have to
    resort to in order to find entertainment. Don’t know what you’re trying to
    say. Your insults are also pretty lame by the way. I have no Bud at my
    house, I don’t have a sister, and I’m neither a redneck nor a retard. But
    nice try, you stereotyping idiot.

  • geepgeep567 3 years ago

    @IllPhaQL8R Look at your name. Don’t you have a quickscoping montage to
    make? Rather than complaining about wrecking on NASCAR the game? At least
    you’re the most literate redneck around.

  • Weregonnalose 3 years ago

    No prob.

  • xUntamed BadKidx 3 years ago

    Yeah :D

  • IllPhaQL8R 3 years ago

    Then do it offline. Why do people like this have to ruin other people’s fun
    just for their own enjoyment, especially in this game where a lot of issues
    arise during cautions? That isn’t a style of play – it’s purposefully being
    a jackass for the sake of being a jackass.

  • Weregonnalose 3 years ago

    Guy is very entertaining, check out his podcast too!!

  • Sbrff 3 years ago

    Lol, first time iv`e seen/heard rednecks play anything

  • lvrpl09 3 years ago

    Are aaaaall these guys called Cleetus?

  • Tybicuraenous Lunstraef 3 years ago


  • ACE8348 COD Knives 3 years ago

    lol i luv these :)

  • Weregonnalose 3 years ago

    oh but it does lol

  • aelix56 3 years ago

    No you don’t, you don’t even get out when it’s snowy outside.

  • Angular Momentum 3 years ago

    this guy sucks

  • Weregonnalose 3 years ago

    oh wow, had I known that, I wouldn’t have put him on my channel.