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  • BrandonHawkinRacing 4 years ago

    I haven’t seen this interview yet. Wow, Clint is such a bad liar :)

  • eastsidebeastkidx 4 years ago

    I keep telling my self Bowyer had a chance to be good when he was driving
    JD back in teh day now he is just a shitty driver causing shit every where
    he goes sad.

  • NASCARFAN93100 4 years ago

    It could be Karma for Ryan Newman for Screwing Hendrick Motorsports out of
    their potential 200th NSCS Victory @ Martinsville and the start of the
    Gordon/Bowyer Brawl @ Phoenix Which Screwed Bowyer and Michael Waltrip
    Racing out of a shot @ the NSCS Championship

  • John Jingleheimer 4 years ago

    As a Gordon fan, I see no way he could have known Jeff Gordon was going to
    make the chase as they ran. The only info he was being fed was about Newman
    leading, which MWR and Bowyer all knew, if Newman won, he’d be in and Truex
    out. It was just ironic that Gordon had been affected by it, especially
    after the Jeff vs Clint fiasco at Phoenix last year

  • LizardKing0851 4 years ago

    It isn’t the crime that pisses me off …, it’s the cover up. Another MWR
    mess…, Gas Gate, DWI accident, and now this mess. Who’s Michael covering
    up for that called the shot….,? This will be Bowyer’s Legacy….

  • Marco Flores 4 years ago

    And then truex gets cut. Man poor truex

  • swampman223 4 years ago

    1:20 LIAR!!!!!!!!!

  • redsoxrok34 4 years ago

    IDK Johnson looks good too. Unless I’m mistaken they’ve actually scored the
    exact same number of points so far in the Chase. Charlotte will be
    interesting. Also don’t forget the big wildcard, Talladega. If Johnson and
    Kenseth get caught up in the Big One but one or more guys like Harvick,
    Gordon, or Busch make it through things could get dicey. Happened last
    year, could happen again (yes I know Kenseth won that race but he wasn’t a
    contender for the championship at the time)

  • redsoxrok34 4 years ago

    I agree with everything you said. I was at the Loudon race a couple weeks
    ago and took a great deal of pleasure in booing him. I admit I’m biased
    since I’m a diehard Gordon fan but come on! Yeah I get it, NASCAR was
    founded by rulebreakers, but there’s a big difference between using
    con-rods a couple grams too light and intentionally spinning to rig the
    results. Glad NAPA dumped MWR. Hope Truex get the 15 and Bowyer can go back
    to racing midgets on dirt tracks in Kansas.

  • jwrsob 4 years ago

    Clint saw a chance to get a teammate in the Chase AND screw Jeff
    Gordon….to him that’s a win-win scenario for him… the coward!!

  • zach tompkins 4 years ago

    Clint should have itched his arm a couple times at Dover.

  • Milenka Pitro 4 years ago

    The weird thing is that the camera got damage just when he spin out

  • Redslayer86 4 years ago

    Well they fixed it most of the way at least since these comments, And
    Gordon so far has proved he deserves to be there. Matt looks to be the man
    to beat this year though.

  • Melissa Biddle 4 years ago

    I think its funny that a professional stock car driver says I think we blew
    a tire or something im not sure what happened.im a stay at home mom and I
    know when I have a flat tire.lol.24 all the way!

  • David Hicks 4 years ago

    Well, the “hillbilly” is still a rich, successful man….not arguing over
    it on Youtube like you. As for Gordon, he’s a hypocrite when it comes to
    his actions on the track. Always has been, always will be.

  • Sagar Varma Guerrero 4 years ago

    Liar Liar!

  • Bruce Phillips 4 years ago

    Hey William vanderstarre jr bowyer had wrecked gordon numerous times during
    the 2012 season. Bowyer dive bombs into corners and then cant control his
    car, slides up and makes contact. Gordon had enough the hillbilly got what

  • nhb1234 4 years ago

    Sponsors of NASCAR need to consider they are supporting a prayer to Christ
    before every race. Jesus has better things to worry about than racing and
    football. NASCAR and their sponsors are saying to a large percentage of the
    population that are not Christians – stay home! I am a Christian that walks
    the walk and I respect everyone. I go to church to pray and I don’t need
    NASCAR for help. Religion is a personal thing and I respect everyone’s

  • William Vanderstarre jr 4 years ago

    hey Bruce phillips it was ok for 24 to take the 15 last year if you don’t
    have a problem with that right

  • WhiteHatBobby 4 years ago

    What Bowyer did was a Singapore Sling, pulled straight from ING Renault
    F1′s 2008 orders to Nelsinho Piquet (#30 Turner Scott Motorsports
    Chevrolet, Nationwide) to cause a caution to help Fernando Alonso. It
    wasn’t known until a year later after Nelsinho’s firing that he told the

  • Mark hondacivic 4 years ago

    Michael Waltrip said he talked to his other sponsors and that they are
    staying with him and support him. So MWR will survive, no doubt. However,
    will they have 3 cars next year? I don’t know. I hope they do because
    Michael Waltrip looks pretty bad and hurt. I think he’s learned his lesson
    (a bit harsh though). But we all make mistakes and lets see how he
    continues after this.

  • denverthuggit 4 years ago

    NAPA just pulled the plug. 5 Hour Energy is next. MWR is going down.

  • JM Tate 4 years ago

    Wow….You can tell he is lying in that interview. So obvious.

  • Darion Becton 4 years ago

    Bowyer said that jr ran into him jr said he just spinned out when he gat to
    him so I think bowyer did it on purpose his tire blew while he was sliding
    trying to catch the car not when he was coming off 3

  • Ktaurus26 4 years ago

    ummm its a short track aerodynamics mean nothing at Richmond. Bowyer is a